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Old Shops of High Street 1910 - 1928


Dunkley's hairdresser's shop & the Rose & Crown and the
Post Office before High Street was widened in 1910

High Street c1912 - after widening in 1910

Some of the photographs of High Street shops that we have copied.
We have little information but what is found in the Trade Directories.

Church parade Shops
The chemist shop on the corner was run by W P Orrell in 1914, having taken over the premises from W H Maudling who had taken over the business from Matthew Griffiths, who succeeded H M Hames. Later it was G Fleeman's. Next door was Fairy's ironmongery and J S Taylor's furnishing.

The whole block was eventually taken over by Peter Crisp's department store, but this recently closed (2010), and is now being divided again with a Tesco Express store, and a new coffee shop with internet access for customers.

Note the church wall and the tall trees known as "the Apostles" - there were 12.

Church Parade c1914 - Nos 1 - 11 High Street

Ward's corner
Ward's - grocer - 2 & 4 High Street

Whiting's advert Whiting's shop
A newspaper advert in the Argus 30th September 1910
Geo S Whiting - 16 High Street

Three shops stand alongside the Wesleyan Chapel, to the corner of Queen Street.

The Star Tea and Grocery stores were at No 66 from 1900 until the 1950s, when it became International Stores.

No 64 was known as the Louvre – the first listing was John Louvre trading as a draper in 1903, followed before WWI by J H York, and in 1924 by T H Walton, but in 1931 it was re-titled “The Louvre” presumably after the original trader. They sold all manner of drapery items and continued into the 1970s.

At No 62 John Wooding & Sons, confectioners were there in 1903 but in 1909 Miss Mobbs had taken over. In 1921 she moved to 35 High Street, and Lipton’s Grocery came to the shop, and submitted plans to refurbish the frontage.

62 - 66 High Street c1909
Before High Street was widened in 1910

High Street from the church
right - Horsley's Seed Merchants, Wheeler's & Whitings
R A Wheeler - butcher - 12 High Street
The thatched property of Arthur Robinson's beer house is first on the west side of High Street, with his son's newsagents next. On the left is Horsley's seed merchants, Wheeler's butchers with the awning, George Miller's ironmongery is hidden, then Whiting's pianoforte dealers and the Waverley Hotel.

Blunsom's shop 1910
1910 Phillipson's Directory


From about 1908 until at least 1914 E Parsons also had a shop at 72 High Street, Rushden.

By 1920 the shop had been taken over by W Russell Ltd, also trading as pork butchers.

In 1914 Harry Morris was working at the shop, but he enlisted and was killed in 1917
c1911 Rushden Carnival Procession
The Fire Steamer passing Parson's and Battersby's, pulled by two horses

A postcard of High Street North c1910-1915. On the right are:
Phillips (draper), River Plate Meat Co, the thatched farm house school of
the Misses Smith. On the left, Haighs (furniture), Electricity Showroom.
In the distance the old railway bridge.

M Tomalin & Son (left) were dyers at 85 High Street from about 1914
into the 1940s, next is Currys (1927) Ltd, cycle makers at 87 High Street, opened in 1927. The largest blind on the right is on Liptons Grocers.
Rushden Echo, 29th January 1915

New Recruiting Station-Colour-Sergt. F. Draper has taken over, as a recruiting station, No. 87, High-street, Rushden, formerly the Labour Exchange (near the Post Office), in place of the Drill Hall, which was formerly used. It will be utilised for recruiting for all branches of His Majesty’s service.

111-117 High Street c1910
From the left 111-119 are Joseph Green grocer, London Central Meat Co,
H W Beaverstock pawnbroker, Jim Bugby fishmonger, &
Joseph Green butcher.
The Rushden Echo, 26th November 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

An Accident happened yesterday to Mr S Pinney, manager of the Rushden branch of the London Central Meat Co. While he was cutting some suet, the knife slipped and made a big gash in his thumb. Dr Baker attended to the injury.

Rushden Argus, 18th October 1912

A new store at 132 High-street

1922 Advert Rushden Echo
The shop in 1924
Edgar Linnitt's at 128 High Street c1918
Courtesy of the late Colin Bryant's Collection
Shop at 131 High Street
Clipson Bros at 131 High Street

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