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Old Shops of the High Street

Some of the photographs of High Street shops that we have copied.
We have little information - often just what is found in the Trade Directories.

Ward's Corner shop in about 1904. Note the old signpost (right) and steps to the vestry hall.
In the background (centre) is Ebenezer Terrace and the tower above the new fire station.
33 High Street - Alfred Smeathers - confectioner c1903 & 35 High Street - Miss E Hewitt - stationer
Boots the Chemist & G A Wright's Orell - chemist
c1920 - Boots The Chemist - 27 & 29 and
G A Wright - confectioner - 31 & 33 High Street
1898 H Hames - 1901 M Griffiths
1908 W Maudling - 1912 W P Orrell
1928-1964 G Fleeman
Chemists at 9 & 11 High Street

Whiting's advert Whiting's shop
A newspaper advert in the Argus 30th September 1910
Geo S Whiting - 16 High Street

Tailby & Putnam 129 High Street - adjoining them is Gilbey's Wine Store
advertising Dulley's and Whitbread's ales and Coleman's 'Wincarnis Tonic'
Nattrass hardware Store at
131 High Street

Keller's Billy Keller
Billy Keller & Son - fruit salesmen - 118a High Street
Billy Keller - outside his shop - 118a High Street

Central High Street - Bugby's fish shop behind the cyclist.
On the opposite side of the road the shop with the blind down nearest to the camera is the chemist, C.A.Hedley & Son and the building to the right of the shop is Hedley’s house. The shop on the right nearest to the camera is, of course, Tomlinson’s sweet shop although at the time of the picture it was a drapers.

Mark's Valet Service
Mark's Valet Service - 74 High Street

W J Neville
W J Neville - stationer, printer and tobacconist - 55 High Street

Roe Brothers - Drapers
Roe Bros - drapers - 120 High Street

The shop
Seckington's at 86 High Street

Shops lost in the 1901 fire
The shops of Everingham & King - drapers,
William Desborough - confectioner, and
George Willmott - dairyman are in this row.

Photo dated 1875 taken by florist and
postman Jonathan Seckington.

All three lost in the fire in 1901 at Cave's
factory (opposite), but the Succoth Church
next to them (tall building centre left) survived and the Co-op store (right)
was opened in 1903 on the site and
the high pathway was lowered.

Note the high level of the pavement and steps.

Co-op Drapery

Joseph Green's Joseph Green's
Joseph Green outside his first shop at 119 High Street.
In 1890 he was trading as a grocer and grindery dealer.

Later he moved to number 111, where he also traded as a pork butcher. In 1903 he also had a shop at 140 Wellingborough Road.

Above right: Florence Green outside 111 c1900, and opposite
Joseph Green & daughter Florence outside the same shop.

Florence later married Joseph Iliffe.

Joseph & dau Flo

George Willmott's Sidney Payne's
G Willmott - fruiterer and dairyman - 50 High Street
Sydney J W Payne - baker - 112 High Street

F Cowley's advert F Cowley's shop
A newspaper advert in the Argus 30th September 1910
F Cowley - Drapery & Wool shop - 23 High Street

Percy Button advert
Percy F. Button at 82 High Street traded as a ladies' and children's outfitter.

This 1912 advert gives us a glimpse inside his shop.

Mark's Valet Service
Mark's Valet Service - 74 High Street

Pictured left is R A Wheeler's the butchers.

Edward Warren, who first traded at 1 Pratt Road, took over these premises and it became Edward Warren & Son in the 1920s. They traded from both addresses.

On 2nd June 1944 E Warren (Rushden) Ltd, was registered. The directors were Edith M Warren of 12 High Street, Morris G Warren of Brackendale, Knuston Spinney and Arthur Warren of 21a College Street Higham Ferrers.

R A Wheeler - butcher - 12 High Street
Warren's in the snow Warren's
Edward Warren & Son - butchers - in the snow
E Warren & Son - vehicles outside the shop - 12 High Street

Knight & Son
Knight & Son - furnishers - 20 High Street

This photo can be dated to c1898 as Mr Hutchinson was at No 45
J T Parker, solicitor was next door at No 47
Hutchinson sign
By 1901
Wm Tomlinson, tailor was here.

He stayed until 1910 ......

then C W Barker moved here from Wellingborough Road.

Milliner, Dress
and Mantle
maker, Hosier and Draper
C W Barker and Son traded here until at least 1928
see below
Gramshaw's Moody's
Gramshaw - furnishers
40 High Street
Moody & Luck - tailors
27 High Street

C W Barker
C W Barker & Son - shoe makers & repairers
45 High Street c1910 - 1928
This early photograph shows Willmott's shop on the corner of High Street & College Street - where the Post Office was built around 1903 (now HSBC)
"Christmas display" - Old Mr Willmott and his 3 sons, Alfred, John and George, daughters Lizzie & Nellie with Bessie Partridge between them.

Wanklyn - jeweller Battersby's
Wanklyn - jeweller - 53 High Street - later moved across to 54
Battersby - grocer - 68 High Street, Queen Street corner

J & C Robinson
J & C Robinson left 116 High Street in 1897

Taylor's newsagents
The first three shops in this row c1908 are Taylor's newsagents and conectioners, Arthur Smith hairdresser and tobacconist and Samuel Powell photographer. Right is Bates' fish shop.

Arthur Smith's - hairdresser
The Rushden Echo, 29th October, 1915, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Rushden Recruit - Now The Regimental Barber

Pte. A. Dicks, 65718, 104th Field Ambulance R.A.M.C., of Orchard Place, Rushden, who enlisted a few weeks ago, writes from the Y.M.C.A. camp at Eastbourne, to say that he is now the regimental barber. Before he enlisted he was employed by Mr. A. Smith, hairdresser, High Street, Rushden. He says that he likes the Army life all right. He gets good food and plenty of hard work, but he likes being under canvas. Recruits have been coming so fast at Eastbourne this last few days that many have been sent back, as there is nowhere to put them.

Another view of Arthur Smith's

Arthur and wife Kate were born at Shefford. He opened here c1900.
They lived at 37 Moor Road, and son Arthur was born 3 days before the 1901 Census was taken.

High Street Traders - news

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