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The Rushden Echo, 1st January 1965, transcribed by Jim Hollis
Motel plan gets support

The national trend towards providing more motel accommodation has come to Rushden, Mr. F. J. Williams, of Sanders Lodge, has the support of the Urban Council for his plan for a petrol filling station, motel and restaurant at Sanders Lodge.

Mr. Williams told the “Echo” this week that he had an appeal pending against the County Planning Committee’s decision to refuse the application.

The committee gave as its reasons that the multiple use of accesses situated on a bend on the classified A45 road, opposite a junction with the A5001, would interfere with the free flow of traffic on that length of the highway, which was not subject to a speed limit, and that planning permission was granted in 1962 for a petrol filling station at Little Irchester, on the same side of the road two miles away.

The County Council felt that there was no over-riding need for a further filling station at Sanders Lodge.

“The county authority suggested the Rushden Urban Council should inform Mr. Williams that as and when the junction of the two roads is completely re-constructed and a roundabout provided, the planning authority would be prepared to consider any revised proposal.

The urban council members have said that they are not in agreement with the decision made by the county authority and will support Mr. Williams in any appeal that he might make against it.

The council has also informed the County Council of the action it has taken, and of its strong feelings that it is wrong to deal with an application in the manner proposed rather than enter into discussions with a view to securing any necessary adaptation of the proposals to accord with future road improvements.

Sanders Lodge
Wall to be demolished
Mr. Williams said that he felt there would be a great demand for a motel in Rushden. The amount of traffic on the A45 had increased greatly in recent years.

His proposals were to build a petrol filling station, motel and restaurant on about an acre of land on the Wellingborough side of existing buildings in which he carries out a contracting business.

Four miles from Rushden, on the main A6 from Rushden to Bedford, work on extensions to the Bedford Autogrill are already under way.

These include the demolition of one wall at the rear of previous domestic quarters, and its replacement by a wall about 15 yards further back.

The extensions will provide restaurant accommodation for about fifty people and facilities for dancing.

The owner, Mr. R. Brook, hopes to have these improvements completed by the spring of this year. The extensions form the first phase of a three-year project.

A motel is planned on land at the rear of the Autogrill and will cost about £12,000.

Bedford Autogrill
Bedford Autogrill

The motel, which will occupy a one acre plot of land, will comprise two single-storey blocks, making a total of twelve bedrooms, and will be built around a central forecourt.

Each separate room will be equipped with self-contained washing and toilet facilities and a television set.

One of the main features will be the landscaped surrounding, with trees and shrubs planted to give the building a countryside appearance.

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