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William Henry Moody
Extract from Memories of the 1890s by R E Bayes
Two weeks before his tenth birthday, R. E. Bayes "took a regular part time job with a dairyman, having previously worked on Saturdays for a clothier and a draper. His first full time job was with a clothier named King near the railway station; two of his colleagues there, Moody and Luck, afterwards went into business for themselves."

Notes: Mr Moody was formerly in one of the properties destroyed in Cave's great fire of 1901.
The window of this shop has 'Moody & Luck, Cash Tailors' painted on, but the name board above has just Moody.
W H Moody advertised in Kelly's from 1903 - 1931.
In 1902 he entertained at the Wesleyan Bazaar with his "Magic, Mirth & Mystery." He also played cricket and he was a member of the Masonic Pemberton Lodge.

In 1908 he took a fine picture of the Feast.
27 High Street c1910

Rushden Argus, 1st May 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins

NEW GAME—Two well-known local sportsmen are introducing a new game into the Midlands. Messrs. A. W. Thompson and W. H. Moody are arranging for a push-ball match to take place in Rushden about Feast week. The popular American game has never been seen in the Midlands, and much interest will be evoked in the forthcoming match, which will be played by local gentlemen for charity. Mr. Moody and Mr. Thompson hope to get some skilled exponents of the game on each side, and there will be a number of practice games arranged. We wish the project every success.

Mason - Bro Moody in 1919

Mr Moody's team
Mr. W. Moody’s Team
at the Annual Rushden Feast Monday Match – undated

P Wright, A Trott, A Tarrant, S Briggs, J Hobbs, H Strudwick, J Gunn, T Colson,
W Rees, L Brawn, W Moody, T Hayward, E Hayes, R F Knight

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