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Rushden Milkmen 1940s
Bill Houghton with his three wheeled van
Bill Houghton with his three wheeled van


During WWII all milkmen in the town were designated areas, and could only deliver there. Exisiting customers outside his area had to change to the designated supplier.
Charles Warrington's 'round' was from Holt's Lane [Higham Park Lane] to Newton Road.
N King's round was Headingley Rd, Pightles Terrace, and Oval Rd.

Forename Surname Dairy Sales address
Frank Abbott    
A E Abbott & Son   29 Queen Street
R Clark Homedale Farm (purchased wholesale from Summerfields) 181 Bedford Road
Fred Collins Rectory Farm (Newton Road)
later supplied by wholesaler
182 Wellingborough Road
  Co-op Society Dial Farm (Milk supply - Newton Road) Bedford Road
Ralph Dickens Park Farm Irchester Road
B C Groom   20 Washbrook Road
Ken Hodgkins (started by W Hodgkins, then Horace) 'Yeldenia' Newton Road
Albert Holley   Newton Road
J W "Bill" Houghton smallholding near Sanders Lodge 42 Crabb Street
N King   Newton Road
Reg Mortimer   Newton Road
Aubrey Smith   Robinson Road
E Smith   Bedford Road
Don Summerfield   Griffith Street
A Waller   Wymington Road
Edward Warren    
Charles Warrington smallholding Avenue Rd, Court Estate  
John White (not retail - for works only) Kimbolton Road
Alfred Willmott Blousic Dairy Wellingborough Road
George Willmott Home Farm Knuston
George Willmott (supplied by John Willmott) High Street
John Willmott Manor Farm Bedford Road
By the 1960s things began to change. Milk was then available in the new supermarkets and gradually over the next 20 years the dairymen were finding it harder to survive. Some sold out to regional or national companies, others retired and a few survived.

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