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Manufacturers, Retailers, Traders, Services
A - B

Abbott, Asher - cabs to Abbott & Sons
Abbott, James M
Abbott's Dairy
Abington - tailors
Adams, Oliver - bakers
Airflo Cafe
Allen, Arthur
Allen, Bertram
Annis, R J & Son
Asda Petrol Station
Ashby & Ellis
Auger, Harry
Austin, A & Co - soap
Austin, J & Son
Avenue Stores
Bailey Fish Shop
Baker, George - cattle dealer
Bantin the Tailor
Barwick - Tinkler - Wanklyn
Bates' Fish Shop
Battersby, G W
Beaverstock, H
Bedford Way Service Station
Bennett, Charles
Berridge, A
Betts, F (& Sons)
"Betty" Hair Stylist
Birch's Bus Garage
Bishop's Supermarket
Blousic Farm & Dairy
Blunsom Son & Co
Boots the Chemist
Bridge Service Station
Britten's - Bakery & Grocery
Britton, Thomas - charcoal seller
Brooke & Brooke
Brown Brothers, G & C
Buckle & Christian
Bugby - Fishmongers
Building & Homemaker
Bunker, C B
Burgess, J
Burton - Lyne - bakers
Busby, A & Co
Bush Bros.
Butcher, R O
Butling, Elsie
Buttling, Ada
Button, Percy F
Bye, Mr - Grocer

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