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Shops (early closing) Bill

Rushden Echo, 26th August 1910, transcribed by Peter Brown

SHOP KEEPERS, Shop Assistants and the public generally are heartily invited to attend the open-air demonstration in support of the Shops (early closing) Bill on Tuesday, 30th August, at 8.15pm, near the Post Office.

Posters for the Shops Act 1912 for Rushden 1915
Rushden's poster the rules in Rushden
Poster showing the hours for closing
and the rules

The Urban District Council of Rushden in pursuance of the powers conferred upon them by the Shops Act, 1912, and after due compliance with its provisions do hereby order as follows:

1.  This Order, which may be cited as “The Rushden Weekly Half Holiday Order” applies to all shops in The Urban District of Rushden in which the retail trade or business of Chemist, Grocer and Provision Merchant, General Dealer, Draper, Ironmonger, Dealer in Hardware and Crockery, Milliner, Coal Merchant, Boot and Shoe Retailer, Photographer, Furniture dealer, Plumbers’ and Builders’ Merchant, Seed Merchant, Barber and Hairdresser, Second Hand Clothes Dealer, Pawnbroker, Saddler, Fancy Dealer, Cleaner and Dyer, Sewing machine Dealer, Corn merchant, Watchmaker and Jeweller, Bookseller and Stationer, Tailor and Outfitter, Dealer in Tinware, Paint Merchant, Music Dealer, Bag and Trunk Dealer, Second Hand Furniture Dealer, General Second Hand Dealer, or Engineer is carried on.

2.  All shop to which this order applies shall be closed for the weekly half-holiday on Thursday, at 1p.m. throughout the year.

Provided that any shopkeeper may substitute Saturday for Thursday on affixing a notice to that effect in his shop.

Note: It is provided by section 4 (5) of the Act that if a shop is closed throughout the whole of a Bank-holiday and the Bank-Holiday does not fall on the day fixed for the weekly half-holiday the shopkeeper may keep his shop open either on the half-holiday before or the half-holiday after the Bank-Holiday.

Dated this 8th day of September 1915.

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