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milk measure
 Old Dairy Equipment

A Bottle Topper (and inside) used to press
on the bottle caps in small dairies
before industrial scale bottling began

topper inside
A Milk Measure to ladel out milk before bottling began
Courtesy of the Willmott Family

Rushden Echo July 29th 1921

Rushden, Higham Ferrers and Irchester Dairymen’s Association.


In consequence of the drought causing the greatly increased cost of production, the price of New Milk will be raised to 9d per quart, on and after Sunday July 31st.

Bernard Smith, President.
Frank Knight, Secretary.

Rushden Echo, 26th August 1921 , transcribed by Kay Collins

Spilt Milk-A serious accident was narrowly averted in Fitzwilliam-street on Monday morning. Mr. F. Warren's motor van, containing milk, was being driven down the steep hill when the brakes failed. By very clever driving the car was guided round the sharp bend at the bottom, but with the speed and angle of the turn the front tyre was pulled off and a rear wheel collapsed. A good deal of milk was spilt, but happily no personal injury was done.

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