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The Cedar Cafe
24 Church Street

Above: a row of push chairs outside so mums with toddlers were inside having a cup of coffee inside!
the stairs
Two interior pictures: The Espresso coffee machine was the first in the county. Upstairs was a function room, also used as the dining room for many workers who often ate there. Dinner was always at mid-day until the late 1900s.
The Price List on the wall
in the picture reads:
Tea 4d
Coffee 6d
Minerals 7d
Lucozade 9d
Squash 6d
Britvics 1/-
Biscuits 3d
3½d –
Ham 4d
Egg 5d
Tomato 5d
Tomato & Cheese 8d
Cheese 7d
Rolls 3d
Crisps 4d
Pork Pie (Slices) 6d & 8d
Pork Pies 10d

Cedar Cafe - In the 1960s the Cedar Cafe in Church Street was a regular haunt for teenagers. Mr Hart kept the cafe with his wife and two daughters. A Juke Box was installed and music was played almost constantly. Mr. Hart never minded how long we sat there with just one cup of coffee! He alo had a taxi business.
[at 24 Church Street - now a curry house - KC]

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