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G W Battersby - grocer
High Class Groceries and Provisions

In this photograph c1906 Hams are 6½d per pound, Eggs are 5 for 3d, and Parsons pork pies and sausages are advertised on the first part of the side window, the second section declares he sells 'High Class Groceries and Provisions'.

Note the glass globe lamp above the door and another in front of the main window with his name and trade added. The window blind frame remains down but not the blind.

The invoice below advertises 'our roasted coffee 1/8 per pound' and declares him to be a 'manufacturer of Jams, Marmalade, Cake Flour, Pastry Flour, Rich Fruit Cakes, etc. etc.'

c1906 Perhaps this was George outside the shop?
George William Battersby, born in 1874, son of Edward, a farmer, of Bassingham, Lincolnshire, came to Higham Ferrers about 1895, with Charles Palmer, grocer. In 1885 Charles was at Martin Dukes LIN, where his son Reginald was born.

Having served a seven year apprentiship with Charles, George married Annie Evans, daughter of George, publican, from Higham Ferrers, at Rushden Parish Church on 15th March 1899, when George Evans was landlord of the Wheatsheaf Hotel.

Battersby - grocer - 68 High Street, corner of Queen Street
1916 invoice
Invoice dated Oct 27th 1916 for goods supplied to Mr Joseph Knight

In 1906 George played cricket for the Thursday Cricket Club.
After his marriage, George opened this shop at 68 High Street and lived at 1 Queen Street which was adjoining the shop. Later he also took over Palmer's shop on the corner of the Market Square at Higham Ferrers. He then left Rushden to live at the Higham shop, where he remained until his death in 1944.

c1911 Carnival Procession
The Fire Brigade's Steamer passing Battersby's pulled by two horses.
Three shop assistants are standing in the doorway.

And the second shop at Higham Ferrers:
Rushden Echo & Argus, 28th July 1922

Oregon Plums

1/2 per lb.

G W Battersby
High Street, Rushden,
and Market Square, Higham Ferrers.

A 1924 advert

1924 advert
A 1924 advert
Market Square, Higham
Market Square looking down College Street c1940
The shop blind is Battersby's
Higham store
Battersby's and the Church
in Higham Ferrers
The shop was formerly Palmer's
Rushden Echo & Argus, 4th August 1944, transcribed by Kay Collins

Will - Mr George William Battersby, of the Market-square, Higham Ferrers, grocer, Mayor of Higham Ferrers 1933-34, who died on 17th September last, left £6,679 8s. 10d., all of which he left to his wife, Mrs Annie Battersby, of the same address.

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