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The Rushden 'Argus'

24th September 1897
The "Rushden Argus" was established by the Northamptonshire Printing and Publishing Company in 1889, and was the first Rushden newspaper. In 1891 they opened an office, in premises leased from George Denton, at No. 30 High Street.

The "Echo & Free Press" was established in 1897, by Charles Cross. It became the "Rushden Echo" in 1901. In 1928 the two papers were amalgamated as "The Rushden Echo & Argus".

1889 advert
1889 advert

The Printeries
The Printeries - rear of 30 High Street
Two adverts from The Argus, 11 April 1890

At The
"Argus" Office,
High Street, Rushden.

CRICKET BATS and BALLS and Tennis Racquets and Balls at the Argus Office.

Label from the Fire Station Minute Book 1903 that had been purchased from the Argus Office.

Wellingborough News, 12th September 1902

Ladies wishing for high-class stationery at the most economic prices are recommended to select the style to suit their wants from the latest fashionable note papers and envelopes as specimens shown in the new sample book at the "Argus" Office. No charge is made for the use of dies kept in stock, and address dies in several neat and fashionable styles are cut free of charge when an order is given for not less than one ream, or 480 sheets. Ask for samples to be sent.

Extract from an Obituary
Born at Reading, Mr. Hunt was apprenticed to printing there and came to Rushden about 1904, working for C. G. Jowitt at the "Argus" office and for the late Mr. A. T. P. Phillipson, whose business he acquired in 1916, afterwards moving from Coffee Tavern Lane to the present premises in George Street.

Guild of Goodwill
Charlie Fathers' Guild of Goodwill certificate
for readers of the Children's Corner in the Rushden Argus

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