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Robert Marriott &
The National Westminster Bank

An engraving showing the bank and adjoining shops The bank and Barkers Boot Repair shp in 1922
This picture is taken from an engraving
A Photograph in 1922

Robert Marriott Limited has been established in Rushden on the very site upon which these new offices are sited, since 1890. We are very proud of the fact that, throughout the whole of that time, we have enjoyed a close relationship with the National Westminster Bank. The copy engraving above, shows the original Northamptonshire Union Bank, opened in 1889, and with which Robert Marriott Limited commenced banking in 1890, shortly after it had become a fully independent branch. The external architecture remains the same to the present day.

The Northamptonshire Union Bank Limited, was subsequently acquired by the National Provincial and Union Bank of  England limited, and in 1924 the Bank was re-titled National Provincial Bank Limited. This remained so until 1st. January 1970 when it merged with the Westminster Bank Limited under the new title of National Westminster Bank Limited.

The bank today
The Nat West Bank in 2008 - little changed
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