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From Sheila Brown (nee Green) via email
Harry Green - Ice cream man

Henry Green
Harry Green 1884-1942

part of his birth certificate
Part of Harry Green's birth certificate showing he was born on 14th Jan 1884
at Shoreham Street, in Sheffield town centre, and his parents were
Joseph Green, a cabinet case maker, and Sarah (nee Corbidge)

I remember Harry Green,
An icecream man 'of note'.
He started with a tricycle,
But later, had a float.

We'd meet him at the bottom
And 'help' him to the top.
He'd share between the four of us
A 'Snowfruit' lollipop.

I think he was a Yorkshireman,
(He may have been from Lancs)
To whom, or where he came from,
I'd like to give my thanks.

His 'High Class Icecream Parlour'
(The first I ever saw)
Had just been newly opened,
When closed down by the war.

I don't know where he went to,
I only know he's gone,
And poor old Mrs. Harry Green
Just couldn’t carry on.

But if he's with St. Peter,
I'm sure it's very nice
To leave off playing harps and things
To eat a chocolate ice ......

Harry Green sold his ice cream around the streets of the town.
"New Milk Quality Ice Cream" sold at 1d or 2d for a wafer or 2d for a tub.
Harry Green with his hand cart
And with his horse and cart

His obituary

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