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Hamblin Court

Evening Telegraph, 14th April 1990, transcribed by Kay Collins

Demonstration of Victorian magic
RUSHDEN-based businessman David Hamblin will see a dream come true tomorrow with the official opening of Hamblin Court off the town's High Street.

Hamblin Court
Hamblin Court
The Victorian-style courtyard proves what can be done with waste and inaccessible land anywhere. In fact, part of the land in question was used partly for the dumping of rubbish.

Rushden has been criticised so often in the past for its lack of foresight but this development, the brainchild of David Hamblin, head of the Hamblin Group, is a great credit to the town.

The whole development of eight units provides a pleasant environment for people to work, live, shop and mingle.

"We rather feel that the development will bring back to the High Street of Rushden a discipline to offset any behaviour that is offensive to the majority," said Eileen Rivett, managing director of First Hamblin Financial who backed the scheme. "Rushden has a unique selection of local shops and we feel this adds considerably to the amenities of the town," she added.

So, what was formerly a garage site that had outgrown its use and waste land is now an area occupied by 144 adults living there and an environment for approximately 50 working people with adequate parking for all concerned, and strikes a balance between what is enjoyably old and new.

The new complex incorporates as much as possible of the old stone farm buildings which once occupied the site.

The Hamblin Group would like to thank everyone for the help they have received from the council regarding planning, and the contractors, but regret that the old-style telephone box had to be painted black and gold instead of the traditional red on the insistence of British Telecom.

The opening ceremony tomorrow at 11am will include a children's fancy dress competition in the theme of the Victorian era, or Easter. Competitors should assemble on the car park at the rear of Hamblin Court. Results of an Easter card competition will also be announced.

Many of the shops will be making special offers during the day.

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