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 Transcribed by Kay Collins 2007
Ale House Recognizances 1630

Pewter tankards

At the Court for the Higham Ferrers Hundred held 14th April in the Sixth year of King Charles at Wellingborough before William Willmer, William Dolben, Arthur Goodday & Thomas Jenyson.


Edward Drable



John Richardes of Rushden husbandman

William Selbie of Wellingborough yeoman

William Ives victualler
John Darlinge of Rushden husbandman

      Anthony Bocher of Rushden fuller

The condition of these aforesaid Recognizances is suche that whereas the above bounden were admitted and allowed by the above named Justices to keepe Common Alehouses and to use common sellinge of Ale or Beere within their severall dwellinge houses wherein they now dwell. If therefore every of them respectively dureinge suche tymes as they shall keepe suche common Alehouses shall not permit or suffer any unlawfull games to be used in their saide houses or any parte of them, nor shall suffer to be or remaine in their said houses anie person or persons yt they well knowe not to lodge or staye in their houses above one day and one nighte without acquainteing one of the Constables of the parishe where they or anie of them dwell, Nor shall suffer to be or remaine in their said houses anie person or persons not beinge their householde servants upon anie sundaye or holidaye dureinge the tyme of divine service or sermon Nor shall suffer aine person or persons by their drinkeinge after Nine of the clocke in the nighte tyme, nor buy or take to pawne any stolen goodes, nor willingly harbour any Vacabondes Sturdie Beggers Masterless men or other notorious offenders whatsoever And alsoe every of them respectively shall & will in everye their severall dwellinge houses maintaine good Order and rule Nor suffer anie fleshe to bee dressed uttered or eaten in their houses in the time of Lent or upon anie the daies prohibited by the lawes & Statutes of this Realme And alsoe shall not utter or selle anie stronge beere above a pennie the Quart.

Alehouse Recognizances 1630 - villages

NRO Ref: FH2962/1630
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