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The Christian Progressive Spiritualist Church
The abandoned Christian Progressive Spiritualist Church


Sunday 2.15 & 6.0p.m.

Wednesday 2.45p.m.

Rushden Echo, 10th June 1927, transcribed by Kay Collins

A New Spiritualist Sect at Rushden
Story of Persecuted Pioneers – “Carried Revolvers in Self-Defence”
Targets for Rags and Bones

A branch of the Spiritualist Church known as “Progressive Spiritualists” was formed in Rushden at Whitsuntide 1922, and after modest beginnings and the steady support of the pioneer members for five years a new church building has been erected (in Crabb-street). The opening and dedication took place on Whit-Monday in the presence of a large congregation of members and friends from the surrounding district, Mr A J Taylor, of Birmingham, performing the opening ceremony.

The company assembled at the old place of meeting in the afternoon and marched in procession to the new church, where the president (Mrs Green) handed the key to Mr Taylor to unlock the door. Mr Taylor dedicated the church, and the company filed in singing the hymn “Nearer, my God, to Thee.” After the service tea was held, about 100 sitting down at the tables.

A largely attended meeting was held in the evening. Mrs Green gave the history of the work of the Church. Mrs Minney, of Kettering (the oldest Spiritualist member present), offered prayer. An address on “The Witch of Endor” was given by Mr Taylor, mentioning the persecution which the early pioneers of Spiritualism had to endure, one woman having stones and rags and bones thrown at her by an enraged crowd. It had been necessary, Mr Taylor said, for others to carry revolvers for self-protection against the mob. Mr Taylor commended the officers and members of that Church on the way they had worked to get that new building.

Other speakers included Mrs Bryan Smith, Mrs Johnson, Mrs King (Kettering), Mr Bache, Mr Steele (Northampton), Mr Kislett (Leicester), Mrs Crisp, Mr Lovell (Wellingborough), and others. There were present representatives from Higham Ferrers, Irthlingborough, Finedon, Kettering, Burton Latimer, Raunds, and Irchester.

The collection and the proceeds of the tea amounted to £10. The membership of the Rushden Progressive Spiritualist Church is ... and it is hoped that this will increase now there is improved accommodation. [the edge of the page is faded ...]

The church, at the end of the lower part of Crabb Street backed into Albion Place. The plans were passed in 1925.

Stanley Cutmore took these photographs, before he converted the room into a studio for his photography business, in the 1950s: "My First Impression of the Vacant Building".

The pews were all left inside looking to the pulpit
looking to the entrance inside the church

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