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Sales of Work

Rushden Echo, Friday, April 12, 1901, transcribed by Greville Watson

A sale of work for the benefit of the Trust Fund, was held at the Park-road Wesleyan Schoolroom on Monday, and proved very successful, over £40 being realized. Besides the usual fancy stalls, there was a jumble sale and a well-patronized refreshment buffet. The following ladies and gentlemen assisted with the sales:- Mrs.I.Cunnington, Mrs.T.Cunnington, Mrs.Horrell, Mrs.Bright, Mrs.Nattrass, Mrs.C.Smith, Mrs.John Smith, the Misses Watson, Miss A.Codgbrook, the Rev.C.F.Groom, and Messrs. I.Cunnington, T.Cunnington, C.Smith, Horrell, C.Wooding, Mr.H.Wooding, Mr.Hankins, and others taking part.

Rushden Echo, Friday, September 27, 1901, transcribed by Greville Watson

Sale of Work

Towards the reduction of the debt on the Park-road Wesleyan Church, a sale of work organised by the Ladies’ Sewing Meeting was held on Tuesday.  Tea was provided, Mesdames T. Cunnington, I.Cunnington, C.F.Groom, J.W.Bright, and C.W.Horrell, presiding at the trays, and the same ladies had charge of the stall of useful and fancy goods.  In the evening, Mrs.Chas.Smith presiding, an interesting programme was given, as follows:- Song, “Angus Macdonald,” Miss Clews (Potton); song, “Echo,” Miss Annie Cunnington; song, “The dear home songs,” Miss Waring; song, “The silver times,” Miss Clews; recitation, “The way to heaven,” Nurse Griffiths; duet, “Music sweet shall flow,” Misses Desborough and Causebrook; song, “The children’s Friend,” Miss A.Cunnington; recitation, “The lifeboat,” Nurse Griffiths.

Rushden Argus, Friday, April 25, 1902, transcribed by Greville Watson

Wesleyan Bazaar

The attendance at the bazaar and sale of work in connection with the Park-road Wesleyan Church was again most encouraging on Tuesday evening.  Much interest was taken in the various entertainments given, and a good sum was realised by the sales.  The result of the two days’ effort was that about £150 was taken, and it is expected that when the accounts are balanced the debt of £120 will have been cleared off, and a sum of about £30 will remain as the nucleus of the new building fund.  The sale on Tuesday was briefly opened by the Rev.T.E.Thompson.

Rushden Echo, Friday, March 18, 1904, transcribed by Greville Watson

Sale of Work at Rushden

Yesterday, in aid of the new Wesleyan Church Building Fund, a very pleasant function was held in the Park-road Wesleyan school-room, Rushden, taking the form of a sale of work, with various side entertainments.  There were three main stalls – one under the auspices of the Ladies’ Sewing Meeting, one arranged by the Mothers’ Meeting, and one in connection with the senior Sunday school classes.  Mrs.T.Cunnington is president of the Sewing Meeting, Mrs.S.Michell secretary, and Mrs.T.Watson treasurer, while Mrs.Woodward is president of the Mothers’ Meeting, and these ladies, with many others, assisted at the stalls.  Mrs.C.Smith, Mrs.Battersby, and Miss Smith had charge of the refreshment stall, and they were assisted by other ladies.

The sale was opened at 3 p.m. by Rev.R.B.Woodward, who said that the articles on the stalls were evidence of much thought, and the work of making them had been a labour of love.  He hoped that the goods would soon change hands and that a goodly sum would be raised for the building fund.

The entertainments, which were well patronised, were organised by Miss Watson and Miss Michell.  At the first entertainment the Rev.D.Pughe presided.  Songs, &c., were sung by Miss West, Miss Annie Cunnington, and Mr.G.E.Cunnington; and Miss Nash recited.  Under the presidency of Mr.Nattrass a splendid entertainment was given by Miss Holyoak and party from Higham.  At the third entertainment, Mr.I.Cunnington presided, gramophone selections being given by Mr.T.Watson and mouth organ solos by Mr.Goodwin.

Nearly £60 was raised in all, viz., £41 at the Sewing Meeting stall (including entertainments and entrance money); £8, Miss Scott’s Sunday school class; £4, Mothers’ Meeting stall; £4 15s., refreshment stall.  Other sums have still to come in.

The sale will be continued this (Friday) evening, opening at 5.30.

Rushden Echo, Friday, January 19, 1906

Park-road Wesleyan Church

In connection with this Church, a tea and sale of work were held in the schoolroom on Monday. About 90 sat down to tea. The sales was admirably managed by Mrs.Watson, Mrs.Michell, Mrs.Horrell, Mrs.Staniland, and other ladies, and the refreshments were provided by Mrs.Horrell. About £9 was realized.

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