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Ladies Sewing Meeting

Rushden Echo, Friday, September 27, 1901, transcribed by Greville Watson

Sale of Work

Towards the reduction of the debt on the Park-road Wesleyan Church, a sale of work organised by the Ladies’ Sewing Meeting was held on Tuesday.  Tea was provided, Mesdames T. Cunnington, I.Cunnington, C.F.Groom, J.W.Bright, and C.W.Horrell, presiding at the trays, and the same ladies had charge of the stall of useful and fancy goods.  In the evening, Mrs.Chas.Smith presiding, an interesting programme was given, as follows:- Song, “Angus Macdonald,” Miss Clews (Potton); song, “Echo,” Miss Annie Cunnington; song, “The dear home songs,” Miss Waring; song, “The silver times,” Miss Clews; recitation, “The way to heaven,” Nurse Griffiths; duet, “Music sweet shall flow,” Misses Desborough and Causebrook; song, “The children’s Friend,” Miss A.Cunnington; recitation, “The lifeboat,” Nurse Griffiths.

Rushden Argus, Friday, January 3, 1902, transcribed by Greville Watson

Guild Tea

The Park-road Wesleyan Guild and Sewing Meeting held their annual tea on Tuesday, followed by a social, at which recitations were given by Mr.Lockey, Miss Ekins, and Miss Short, and solos by Miss Short and Miss Darnell.  A feature of the programme, however, was the carol singing of the girls connected with Mrs.C.Smith’s class.

Rushden Echo, Friday, January 8, 1904, transcribed by Greville Watson

Park-road Wesleyan Church

Last night the annual social of the Sewing Meeting was largely attended.  A capital programme was given, including recitations by Mr.Lockey (Raunds), and gramophone selections by Mr.Watson.

Rushden Echo, Friday, October 7, 1904, transcribed by Greville Watson

Park Road Wesleyan Church

A novel social gathering was held last night in connection with the Sewing Meeting at the Park-road Wesleyan Church, the whole of the arrangements being carried out by the gentlemen.  After a meat tea, served by the gentlemen, there was a dish-washing contest, the prize-winners being: 1 Mr.G.Cook’s team, 2 Mr.J.Gibbs’s team, 3 Mr.W.Horrell’s team.  An impromptu speech contest resulted:- First prize, Mr.G.Cook, to whom was allotted the subject, “Should men learn to sew buttons on and mend trousers?”; 2nd prize, Mr.Isaac Cunnington (“Should ladies wear large hats?”); 3rd prize, Mr.Church (“Is Solomon’s injunction ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child,” applicable to-day?”)  Mr.Long was encored for his mouth-organ solos; Mr.T.Watson gave several selections on the gramophone and a ventriloquial sketch; Mr.A.Clarke sang solos; and Mr.G.Atkinson gave a reading.  Mr.Walter Howes presided at the piano.  On the proposition of Mrs.Atkinson, seconded by Mrs.Michell, a vote of thanks was passed to the gentlemen, and Mr.Nattrass replied.

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