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Foreign Missions

Rushden Echo, Friday, December 6, 1901, transcribed by Greville Watson


The annual sermons in aid of the Wesleyan Methodist Foreign Missionary Society were preached in the Park-road Wesleyan Church on Sunday – in the morning by the Rev.G.H.Hayes and in the evening by the Rev.T.Edwards Thompson.  There were good congregations, and the services were of an exceedingly hearty character.  The annual meeting was held on Tuesday evening under the presidency of Mr.Ebenezer Claridge, who has on many occasions shown a kindly interest in the work of the society.  The yearly report, presented by the Rev.T.E.Thompson, showed that under the auspices of the society there were on the various mission fields 48,000 church members, 13,000 on trial for membership, and 96,000 day and Sunday scholars.  The expenditure for the year was £136,466, leaving a deficiency of £972.  Last year the Higham Ferrers Circuit raised £54 8s. 5d. towards which the Rushden church contributed £15 10s. 9d.  The Chairman then made an appropriate and thoughtful speech, referring to the missioner and his message.  The Rev.J.Goudie, Indian missionary, lucidly described the work in India, where, he said, the success which uhad been secured had surprised him.  His description of the work among the pariahs, or outcasts, was especially interesting, and he said the £10 would keep a native Christian teacher for twelve months.  Last year, in Southern India, 2,000 people were baptized.  It took the first eight centuries of the Christian era to raise the number of Christians to 30 millions, but during the great missionary century – the 19th century – there had been added 266 millions to the avowed followers of Christ.  The chairman and deputation were heartily thanked for their services.  The financial results were good.

Rushden Argus, Friday, November 28, 1902, transcribed by Greville Watson


On Sunday and Monday special services were held in the Park-road Wesleyan Church, in celebration of the anniversary of the local auxiliary of the Wesleyan Foreign Missionary Society.  Good congregations assembled on Sunday, and appropriate sermons were preached by the Rev.D.Pughe (circuit minister).  On Monday evening a young people’s gathering was held in the schoolroom, and was largely attended.  A number of lantern pictures were shown by Mr.C.Smith, illustrative of “Burmah and the Burmese,” withu special reference to mission work in that land.  The Rev.D.Puche (local secretary of the society) gave the descriptive address.  A good congregation assembled later in the chapel for the public meeting.  The Rev.R.B.Woodward (circuit minister) presided, supported by the Rev.G.E.Startup (Northampton, formerly missionary in Spain) and the Rev.D.Pughe.  As Mr.Startup had to leave early, the Chairman briefly introduced him, and called upon him for his address on “The history of the Church in Spain, with special reference to our work there.”  Remarking that the Spaniards believed that the Gospel was introduced into their country by St.James, their patron saint, the speaker traced the growth of the Church, which was for a long time independent of the Roman Catholic Church.  The steps by which the latter Church gained the ascendancy, together with the horrors of the Inquisition, were also traced, and the speaker dealt with the national characteristics of the Spaniards, contrasting them with those of Englishmen, showing that in each case excellencies were balanced by defects.  He concluded by showing how the hunger for temporal power was the chief dividing line of the churches, seeing that in doctrine they had so much in common, and could so easy find ground of agreement.  The Rev.D.Pughe presented an abstract of the report, showing that the collections and contributions from Rushden were last year £13 13s. 5d., and that sum had already been exceeded, whilst there were still boxes and books to come in.  Collections were taken at all the services in aid of the mission funds.

Rushden Echo, Friday, December 8, 1905, transcribed by Greville Watson


Sermons were preached in the Park-road Wesleyan Church last Sunday by the Rev.H.J.Atkinson. There were good congregations. The annual meeting was held on Tuesday, Mr.Chisholme (Wellingborough) presiding. The Rev.E.E.Dewhurst (circuit foreign mission secretary) read the annual report, showing that during the year the Higham Ferrers circuit raised £59 12s., Rushden contributing £11 8s. 7d. of this sum. The Rev.W.H.Findlay, one of the general secretaries of the Wesleyan Foreign Missionary Society, gave an interesting address.

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