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Weathercock & memories

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 10th October, 1952, transcribed by Jim Hollis

Weathercock memories
Discussion has been going on at recent meetings of Rushden Darby and Joan Club as to occasions when the weathercock on St. Mary’s Church spire was down.

Mrs. F. Shortland, of Portland Road, recalled the time when her uncle was commissioned to repaint it with gold leaf and she sat on it when it was brought down. She was aged seven then, and that was 69 years ago.

Another incident was told by Miss L. Sharp, of Queen Street, who said her mother, who is 93, remembered 89 years back to the time when her uncle, Mr. John Packwood, climbed the spire, threw the weathercock down and put a Union Jack in its place on the occasion of the Prince of Wales’ marriage.

The force of the heavy vane as it came down made a small crater on the north-west side of the church. Later Mr. Packwood returned the bird to its rightful place.

working on the spire
Having removed the tip of the spire, steeplejacks continue their timely work at
St. Mary’s, Rushden, and improvements to bells and clock will follow, most of
the money required being already in the bank. It was found that the
weathercock had been pierced, apparently by a bullet.

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