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St. Mary's Church - New Organ
Extract from an unknown newspaper cutting, February 6th 1875,

In addition to the restoration a new organ has been purchased, a special fund raised for the purpose being the result of the exertions of Mrs. Barker. The whole of the pipes of the organ are of spotted metal, and the instrument contains twenty stops. The great Organ contains the following stops: Double Open Diapason, Bourdon bass, Open Diapason, Dulciana, Stop Diapason bass, Stop Diapason treble, Suable Flute, Principal, Mixture (three ranks), and Trumpet (which has not yet been put in, but is prepared for); Swell Organ—Salcionel, Stop Diapason bass, Leiblich Gedact, Principal, Oboe, Cornopean; Pedal-Organ (three C's to C.)—Grand Open Diapason (16ft.), Couplers, Great Pedals and Swell to Pedals and Swell to Great. The cost at present has been £275, and this will be increased to £295 when the Trumpet has been put in. The Open Diapason and Double Diapason pipes are planted in front, and the Pedal pipes are planted at the end, the wood work being stained and varnished. Messrs. Trustam and Son, of Bedford, are the builders of the organ.
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St. Mary's Church - Organ Recital

The Argus, 22nd April 1898

ORGAN RECITALS—-Mr. Leandre Vilain (organist of the Kursaal, Ostend), gave two organ recitals at Rushden yesterday, when the Parish Church on each occasion was well filled to hear this talented performer. The proceeds were devoted to the church funds.

The programme in the afternoon included: Concerto in D Minor (Allegro) (Handel), Invocation (L. Vilain), Allegretto in B Minor (Guilmont), March from "Lohengrin" (Wagner), Prelude in B Minor (F. S. Bach), Andante from D Minor Sonata (Mailly), Fantasia.

At the evening recital the following were given: Air with Variations (Thielle), Romance a l’Etoile (Wagner), Variations on an air by Mr. J. E. Smith (L. Vilain), Funeral March (L. Vilain), Allegretto from the 5th Symphony (Widor), Fugue in G Minor (F. S, Bach), Fantasia.

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