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The Rushden Echo, 24th January, 1913, transcribed by Jim Hollis

Church Improvements at Rushden

Meeting of The Church Council - Tender Accepted

A meeting of the Rushden Church Council was held last Monday evening in the Vestry Hall, the Rector presiding, when tenders for the work of the churchyard improvements, received from Mr. W. Packwood and Mr. R. Marriott, were considered. The latter’s tender was considerably the lowest.

The cost of the west front approach will be £191, the cost of levelling the old graves on the south side of the church, gravelling and re-arranging the paths, and supplying a new south gate £20, slight repairs to the Vestry Hall and the churchyard wall £8, making a total of £219.

In addition to this there will be Messrs. Talbot Brown and Fisher’s fees as architects.

It was mentioned in discussion that with £100 in hand from the Bazaar it would probably be necessary to raise or borrow about £140.

After full discussion it was proposed by Mr. J. Claridge, seconded by Mr. H. H. Hobbs, that the entire work as detailed in Mr. R. Marriott’s tender should be carried out, and that that tender be accepted.

The proposition was carried unanimously.

It was suggested that


towards the work might be given in one sum or spread over a period not exceeding four years. Mr. G. S. Mason, as churchwarden, was asked to issue an appeal.

The Rector said he would give £10, and Mr. J. Claridge promised a like sum.

Mr. J. W. Goode said he would give £2.

Since the meeting Mrs. Sartoris has kindly promised £10 and Miss Sartoris £5. Donations and promises will be gladly received by the Rector or Mr. G. S. Mason. It is hoped that donations of £10 or so may be received up to about half of the requisite amount, when it is thought that the balance may easily be obtained by smaller donations.

The Rector kindly informs us that the work of improvement will be so carried out that the fine old trees adorning the churchyard will not in any way be interfered with, since the new approach will be so designed as to come between two of the trees. There will be a new entrance from the High-street with oak gates supported by stone piers and walls. From this there will be a path with flights of steps at intervals, 13 in all, reaching to the west porch. On each side of the path will be a cut yew hedge and grass borders.

The idea regarding the rest of the improvements is to widen and gravel the footpath inside the trees from the south entrance to the asphalt path, and the footpaths surrounding the church are to be gravelled over. The old graves on the south side are to be levelled to that the grass in that part of the churchyard may be cut with a mowing machine. The tombstones will not, of course, be interfered with. There will be a new gate at the Wheatsheaf entrance to the churchyard. The excavation and levelling of the front approach is to be carried out by the end of February to enable the planting of the yew hedge. The other work should be completed by the end of March or the middle of April.

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