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St. Mary's - Ancient Tombs

On the outside of the church, near the east wall, there is a large altar tomb dating from the end of the 15th Century on which, though barely legible, is inscribed ‘Pray for the souls of Willi Peeke & Margarete his wife and for the soul of Johis Peeke lately married to Priscilla whose souls God have mercy upon’.

Tomb of the Peeke family
The Peeke Tomb

On the south side, opposite the old priest’s door there is another ancient tomb. Again, barely legible, this reads ‘Here lie the bodies of  William Ives and Anne his wife: she died 25th May 1662 and he died 24th February 1669. Their sons  Willm. and Francis and one only daughter Susan being left, the sons have erected this tomb in grateful remembrance of their dearest parents and of the benefits derived from them’.

Tomb of the Ives family
The Ives Tomb

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