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Extracts typed from J E Smith's notebooks
St Mary's Church

More notes relating to the Church by Joseph Enos Smith - Organist & Local Historian

Sometime around 1908 Joseph Enos Smith started to collect notes about Rushden from many sources.
His note books are now deposited at Northamptonshire Record Office (NRO) Ref: 285P/272-301.
These typed extracts regarding the Church at NRO, have been extracted.

From Northampton 'Herald' July 24th 1852.

Rushden - A sermon was preached in the Parish Church on Tuesday last, by the Bishop of Peterborough, after which £22 was collected in aid of the fund for the restoration of that beautiful, but for many years much neglected, edifice, on the occasion, a magnificent organ by Mr Dawson of London, which had been handsomely presented by John Cooke, Esq. was opened by Mr Poster of London. The Organ, of which the tone and quality were greatly admired and equalled only by the very elegant design of the exterior has upon it the arms of the donor, and underneath the following inscription - To God and this Church, in memory of Thomas Cooke, Esq. of Manchester, by his son, John Cooke, Esq. of Bencroft Grange, in this parish, July 10th 1852. The inscription was written by the Rev Thos. Ratcliffe, at whose suggestion, as a tribute to his father's memory, Mr Cooke presented the Organ, at the same time wishing thereby to make his sense of the zeal and ability with which this indefatagible clergyman has exerted himself, during the short two years he has been in Rushden, to promote the spiritual and temporal interests of his Parishioners.

From "186 Churches of Northampton Archdeaconary"

Gallery at West-end Rushden Church erected in 1829 quite blocking up Belfry Arch.

Extracts from J E Smith's typed notes, now deposited at Northamptonshire Record Office (NRO) Ref: 285P/272-301
There is a 'Date' on Beam of roof North Transept, underneath the Gas pipe which goes along, the date is plump in centre of Beam I forget what, cannot see it now (1908) for pipe, Rushden Church; it is 1637, Marriott's men gave me the date when they had ladders to clean the Church roof, June 1908.

Date on Beam (West side) over organ, South Chapel, 1660.

Rev Hawksley of Rushden (before Rev Downe) - Mrs Cox told me she remembered him, but of course she said she knew Mr Downe better, also that Captain Brown & his two sisters lived at the 'Hall’ before Mr Sartoris & that Rev Hawksleys’ son was Chaplain at 'Ale Asylum’ - he was born Rushden Rectory. Mrs Corby’s husband was keeper at the Asylum & knew Rev Hawksley well, but said he had been dead about 9 years.
'Rushden Church' - I found the following 'Date' last Friday Feb 14th 1908 over the west-end window of the North Aisle (outside) near the Steeple (1718) the figures and stone on the right-hand side were crumbling & the date will soon be lost. It corresponds with a date 1719 cut in the Doorway Arch above the Bells as you go out on to the Battlements, the Spire was repointed then, so it shows that the Church was generally restored in those two years; this is all that is known I think about the restoration (with the exception of two other dates on Spire) until 1875 Canon Barker's great Restoration re-opened Tuesday Feb 2nd three months before I was appointed organist in May 1875 • J E Smith
On Window top of 'Transept' North-West end, 1871 or 6:
W. Spencers put me here
Bid me stop 100 years
Keep out the cold -
- let in the light
I'll do my duty -
- Day and night

This W. Spencer is the present Spencer 'Milkman' who used to work for Mr Woodward who did the Plumbing at the Restoration 1875. - J.E.S.

Rushden Church presented to Chelveston Church 'Old Lectern' the Base of this was made out of the oak of Rushden Church at Restoration. They had it about the end of Jany 1908.
'Limerick' won by Rev J C Dearden (our late Curate 70 Newton Road)

A Rushden man went on the spree
And returned in the morning at three
But his wife with a poker
Received the old joker -
'With a most striking welcome you see’

Extracts from J E Smith's typed notes, now deposited at
Northamptonshire Record Office (NRO) Ref: 285P/272-301
1888 Total Number Communicants Feb 1300
14 Marriages in Rushden Church this year
Collections in Church this year £124.14.4
1889 Serious illness of Rector, Canon Barker, Feb.
Sunday March 17th Canon B attended Church at Brighton & received the Holy Communion.
Rev Henry Rowntree came April (as Locum Tenens)
National Schools Master, Mr Vann
Easter Day - bright - M. Anthum 'Lord is my Strength' - Crowded congregation.
Picnic Barnwell Castle July 28th C.T.S.
Canon B removed to Norwood, June, little change
Mrs Rowntree gave short address to Guild.'Girls Sati-xday May 4th (Miss Barker gave the tea).
Canon B has been at Whitby 4 weeks
Went on Annual School Treat Thursday July 18th
Mr Rowntree read Telegram from Canon B.
Rev Rowntree retires to take up work among H.M.Troops in Bombay.
Harvest Festival Feast Sunday Sep 22nd.
Canon B left Whitby for London Sept 17th to see specialist.
Rev F Bird comes.
J M Clarke leaves about now.
Harvest Festival Sep 22 Feast Sunday - Mr Hird preached “Antheum from Psalm CXV”
Little change in C.Bs health, Nov.
1890 Canon Barker goes to South of France this month (Jany)
Rev Smith came, ordained S.Thomas1 Day (Jany)
Canon Barker & family in Cannes, South of France, March after 23 hours continuous travelling, met on arrival.
A London paper reported that there was hardly & house in Rushden that was not visited by the Influenza ( Magazine March)
Canon Barker & family returned to England (August)
1890 Death of Miss Mary Barker July 26th at Lucerne

Buried in English Cemetery at Lucerne on St James’ Day. The Cemetery 2 miles from town. At the same time a portion of Burial Service was held in Rushden Church, over the grave is a White Marble Cross with the words -
In loving remembrance of Mary Helena, daughter of
the Rev. John T. Barker, of Rushden Rectory, Northamptonshire
died at Lucerne July 26th 1890 Aged 23
I have loved thee with an everlasting love,
therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee.
"In Thy Presence is the fullness of joy"

1890 Canon Barker died Thursday afternoon Oct 16th

The body brought to R Church on Wednesday night & put in the North Chapel close to East entrance (almost opposite Pemberton’s Monument)

Funeral Service at 2 Thursday. Dead March by J.E.S. "Peace perfect Peace" "On the Resurrection Morn" "Now the labourer's task", Service taken by Canon Hamilton, Choir took part.

1891 Jany 22 - Rev Chas James Gordon instituted to the Rectory of Rushden, Induction Service - Friday Feb 6th at 7-30 - Read in Feb 8th

Rev Hird (leaves) left Rushden Feb. Presented: with 16 Volumes of Theology by Parishioners in recognition of his work among them 1889-91

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