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St. Mary's - Division of the Parish

Rushden Echo, 5th April 1912, transcribed by Kay Collins

We clip the following from the Rushden Parish Magazine
Negotiations regarding patronage of the proposed new parish of St. Peter have been going on with the Church Pastoral Aid Society for several months. A memorial on behalf of the Church Council was lately sent to the society asking that that patronage might be vested in the Bishop of the Diocese. To this the society did not agree, but on March 8th Mr. Ballard, the chairman of the committee and the Rev. T. C. Chapman, the secretary, visited Rushden and conferred with G. S. Mason and the Rector. It became apparent that a compromise must be made, and the representatives of the C.P.A.S. agreed that the patronage should be vested in the Bishop for a period of twenty years from the formation of the new parish, and should then pass to the Rector of the mother parish for all time. The arrangement has been endorsed by the committee of the C.P.A.S. subject to the approval of the Bishop and the Ecclesiastical Commoners. As soon as the consent of the Bishop is received application will be made to Ecclesiastical Commissioners to form the new parish and endow it with £200 a year. It hoped that the new parish may be formed and the first vicar appointed before the end of the year.

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