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St. Mary's Church
Young People's Fellowship

The drama group?
St. Mary's YPF c 1958 - drama group?
Standing left - right: Irene -, Jude Nunley, Mick Walker, Gill Walding, Jean Bates,
John Collins, Norman Wildman, John Beal, Cicely Langley, Bill Knott, Avis Andrerw, Roger Miles, Jeanette Bloor, David Newell, Stuart Fensome.
Seated: Jeannie Lawrence and ?.
actors in the play
The same occasion - Actors l-r: Stuart Fensome, Jeannie Lawrence, Roger Miles, David Newell, Jean Bates, and stage assistant John Collins!
Welcoming the new curate
Evening Telegraph, c1958 - Members of St Mary's Young People's Fellowship, Rushden, gave a welcome last night to their new curate, the Rev J R Harrold. He is seen listening with members during a record session.
Left to right: ?, Rev Jeremy Harrold, Jean Bates, Colin Bryant,
Peter Maund operating the record player, Ann Waston?, Jose White.


1961 Pamela Tunn, Mick Bantin, Paul Wilson,
Paul --, David Birtles

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