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Rushden Parish Church & St. Peter's Magazine
1912 Parish Magazine
St Mary's & St Peter's

At a meeting of the Bazaar Executive Committee held in the Vestry Hall, on Friday, November 8th, the Hon. Treasurer Mr. F. L. Heygate presented his financial statement. It appeared that the total receipts had been £704 19 5, the expenses £60 13 6 leaving a balance of £644 5 11. It was decided to give £100 towards the improvement of the West entrance of the Churchyard, £181 to the Vestry Hall Purchase Fund, and £363 5 11 towards the debt on S. Peter's Church Building Fund. Mr. Talbot Brown has been asked to prepare a plan for the Churchyard improvement and when this is received it will be submitted to the Church Council for consideration. The sum of £54 is still owing on S. Peter's Church, not a large sum in itself, but the Rector is anxious that the first Vicar of the new parish should start his work with au absolutely free hand, and he hopes this debt may soon be cleared off.

The Bishop of the Diocese has offered the curacy-in-charge of S. Peter's with succession to the Vicarage as soon as the new parish is formed to the Rev. W. A Mandall, M.A. of Magdalene College, Cambridge. Mr. Mandall was ordained to the Curacy of Rauiuls in 1905. When the Vicar the Rev. E. E. Law went to S. Mary's Peterborough in 1906 Mr. Mandall went with him and has worked there ever since. It is not yet known whether Mr. Mandall will accept the Bishop's offer.

On the Thursdays in Advent (December 5th, 12th, and 19th) there will be Evensong and Sermon at the Parish Church at 8 o'clock.

The Quarterly Meeting of the Magazine Distributors will be held in S. Mary's Church Room on Monday, December 16th at 8 o'clock.

The Quarterly Meeting of the Assistant Clergy Fund Committee will be held in S. Mary's Church Room on Friday, December 20th at 8-15 p.m.

The Collection on Sunday last for the Sunday School Prizes amounted to only £4 13 1. The prizes will not cost less than £11 and an expenditure of £3 has just been made for Gospel Stamps which the children greatly appreciate. Many of the regular morning congregation were absent last Sunday and as the Rector is sure they will not wish the Sunday Schools to suffer from their absence, he hopes they, will help towards the purchase ol the prizes. The Sunday School expenses have increased considerably during the past few years but this is the necessary result of increased numbers and efficiency.

The Quarterly Ember Penny Collection will be made on Sunday, December 22nd. All communicants, and others who feel so disposed, are asked to give three pence, one penny for each of the Ember Days, towards the training in this Diocese of candidates for Holy Orders.

The following details will interest those who give Ember Pennies to support Ordination candidates who are unable to pay college expenses without some money help. In the ecclesiastical year now drawing to a close 679 men have been admitted to the Ministry in the Dioceses of England and Wales. Reckoning in this figure, the average for the three years 1910-12 has been 687, as against 635 for the yeais 1907-9, and 591 for the three preceding years. It is clear that this progress abundantly justifies the many efforts made in the past ten years to discover good candidates and to assist the best of them to meet the expense of college training, more particularly as there has been improvement in qualifications as well as numbers.

On Christmas Day the services at the Parish Church will be—Holy Communion plain at 7, Choral at 8, and plain at 12-15; Matins and Sermon at 11, and Evensong (plain) at 3. The collections as usual will be for the Sick and Needy Fund.

The following notice is inserted in the Parish Magazine by request:-

On behalf of the above Society may I respectfully call the attention of your readers to the "Six Days Temperance Mission" to be held in the Public Hall from Sunday, December I5th, to Friday 20th, conducted by that eminent and renowned Temperance Missioner Mr. Wm. Pearson of Leeds, and the United Kingdom Alliance. We would especially ask for the loyal co-operation and support of every Temperance enthusiast, and trust that as far as possible, conflicting engagements may be avoided. I am Yours Faithfully, J. Bettles, Hon. Sec.

Owing to many subscribers to the Parish Magazine having gone abroad the number circulated every month in the parish has fallen to 660. We should be glad to see the circulation go up again to the old figure of 700. Could not the dis: tributors find some-members of the Church of England in their districts who would be willing to take the Magazine? If each distributor could get two new subscribers the number would be brought up to 720 and this would help the funds considerably.

The following Sidesmen will be on duty at the Parish Church on the North side on the Sunday evenings in December:-

Dec. 8th and 16th : Messrs. A. Childs, C. H. Knight and F. E. Preston

Dec. 22nd and 29th : Messrs. J. Claridge, C. Ette, W. Lowe, and A. Wills

As Christmas will soon be here the Rector thinks it well to repeat the note he put in the Magazine a year ago on the subject of hymn singing by children, "About Christmas time many of the children go round singing hymns for pence to be spent in various amusements. The singing of sacred words thoughtlessly leads to irreverence and the Rector wishes it to be understood that he does not approve of this custom and will not give it any encouragement".

Will all those who have boxes for the Church of England Waifs and Strays Society kindly send them without delay to Mrs. G. S. Mason, The Hayway, who is Local Secretary of the Society.

A list of Social Gatherings arranged for December and January at St. Peters appears on the Church Notice board.

The prizes will be presented to the scholars of the St. Peter's Sunday Schools on the last Sunday of the year. The collections in Church on Sunday December I5th. will be given to the scholar's prize fund.

The Rev. E. G. Betenson has been presented with a large framed photograph of the Sunday School Teachers of the three schools of the district, St. Peter's, Moor Road, and the Hayway. Miss Mason kindlv made the presentation on behalf of the teachers. Mr. Dickens spoke of the usefulness of the teachers class, and the value of the instruction given by the Curate-in-charge. The Rector heartily thanked his colleague for his work which had been helpful to many, a work done on spiritual lines, a work the value of which it would be difficult fully and immediately to estimate. Mrs. Betenson also would be greatly missed at St. Peter's. The Curate-in-charge expressed his great pleasure in accepting this genuine expression of the teachers goodwill and wishes, and prayed that their work among the young might be abundantly blessed. The Supper and Social Gathering was attended by about 80 teachers from St. Peter's and St. Mary's.

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