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St Peter's Parish - 1912 Bazaar

Our Object

The object of this Bazaar is to clear off the sum of about £400 still owing for the erection of St Peter’s Church.

The cost of the Church and Organ has been £5,125.

It is also hoped to raise a substantial sum towards the sum of £330 still owing for the purchase of the Vestry Hall in 1905, and to set aside a sum of money to effect a very necessary improvement to the West entrance of the Parish Churchyard.

The Stalls

Mrs Kitchin and

Miss Hensman

Mrs Ette

Mrs Knight

Mrs Fox

Mrs Phillipson

Mrs Fountain

Mrs Roe

Mrs Hedley

Miss Taylor

Mrs Hobbs

Mrs Ward

The Misses Kitchin

Mrs Warner

We Can Sell You

Pretty, Useful, and Fancy Articles and Leadless Glazed Pottery

In good variety at very
modest prices


Mrs Walter Chettle

Mrs Nind

Mrs Nichols

Miss Sharpe

Miss E Sayer


Mr J E Smith

Mr L Sayer

Mr A T Nichols

Mr J T Scott

Mr C Wills

Mr J Page

Mr W P Jolley

Mr H Percival

Mr J Copson

Mr E Robinson

Rev E F Braley

Mrs Browning
Miss Browning
Miss Rosa Browning
Miss Constance Browning

Mrs Owen

Mrs Burns

Mrs Oliver Claridge

Mrs Dyke

Mrs Greenfield

Mrs Heygate

Mrs Neville

Miss Owen

Mrs A Packwood

Mrs R Smith

Mrs Walter Robinson

Miss Smith

Mrs Wilson Smith

Miss Wilde

Miss L Wilde

Mrs Baker

Mrs Brawn

Mrs C Claridge

Mrs Colson

Mrs Everingham

Mrs Hawkes

Mrs Madin

Mrs G S Mason

Mrs J S Mason

Miss Mason

Miss Mobbs

Mrs Nichols

Mrs Nind

Mrs Edw Robinson

Miss Stevens

Miss Tenny

Miss Tipping

Mrs Wadsworth


Miss Mason

Mrs Allen

Mrs Bugby

Miss A Gilbert

Miss E Lewis

Mrs Sayers

Mrs Pashler

Mrs Smith

Mrs Sharpe

Mrs Whiting

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Wills

Mrs White

Miss L White

Mr W Chamberlain

Mr A Childs

Mr Ed Robinson

Mr C Childs

Mr R Robinson

Mr C Claridge

Mr S Robinson

Mr J Claridge

Mr W Robinson

Mr A Dickens

Mr J T Scott

Mr F Eady

Mr C Sharpe

Mr J W Goode

Mr C F Tall

Mr J Hyde

Mr W J Tassell

Mr W Lowe

Mr J Vander Heyden

Mr E K Pashler

Mr H Whittington

Mr C Robinson

Mr A Wills


Mr F C Woodward

Mrs Betenson

Mrs R Marriott

Mrs W H Marriott

Mrs Addison

Mrs Powell

Mrs Allen

Mrs Wm Packwood

Mrs Ball

Miss Strickland

Mrs Baxter

Misses Walpole Smith

Mrs Chettle

Mrs Tew

Mrs Cox

Mrs R Robinson

Mrs croft

Mrs Rands

Mrs Grey

Mrs Reid

Mrs Hall

Mrs Saddler

Mrs Haigh

Mrs Tilley

Miss Knott

Mrs Wood

Mrs Woodward

Miss M Woodward

Mrs Wright

Miss D Yorke


Arranged by members of the “Highfield” Stall, assisted by

Mrs Ginns

Mrs Lyne

Mrs John Claridge

Miss Ginns


Tea from 3.30


Suppers from 7


Table d’hote 2/-


at all prices from bill of fare


Suppers at 9 o’clock 1/- each

Entertainment Programme
A Duologue Comedietta  "Old Cronies"


Mr. Beauchamp O. C. Orlebar
and Mr. Alfred G. Smith

Admission    ...    1/- and 6d.


Hat-trimming Competition for Gentlemen

Hats and Materials provided
Entrance fee    ...    3d.


Spelling Bee

Entrance fee        ...        3d.
Conducted by  Mr.  W.  W. Rial


Smoking Concert

Admission 6d.    
Coffee and Cigarettes provided

The following have promised to assist:—

Mrs. Walter Chettle, Miss Sharpe, Miss Sayer,
Mr. Tew,Mr. H. Baker, Mr. A. Packwood,
Mr. F. Jones,Dr. Arthur, Rev. E. B. H. Bishop,
Quartette Party and others


Hat-trimming Competition
for Gentlemen

Hats and Materials provided

Entrance fee 6d.

Audience will Judge


Singing Competition

Admission free    3d. to go out

Smoking Concert

Lightning Sketches by
Mr. W. C. Dunford
Songs etc. by
Rev. A. P. Shepherd,
Mr. Tew, Mr. A. Baker,
Miss Sayer
and Cave of Mystery,
Quartette Party and others

Admission 6d.    Coffee and Cigarettes provided



Children's Play Arranged by
Mr. J. E. Smith

Admission      ...      3d.


Baby Competition
(12 months and under)

Entrance fee 3d.     Visitors 3d.     Prize
Judge Miss Tenney


Hat-trimming Competition
for Gentlemen

Hats and  Materials provided
Prize Entrance fee 6d.
Audience to Judge


Pandemonium Singing Competition

Admission free         3d. to go out


Bun Eating Competition

For Lads under 20
Entrance fee 3d.


Smoking Concert

Lightning Sketches
by Mr. C. W. Dunford
Conjuring, Cave of Mystery,
Songs etc. by Miss E. Sayer,
Mr. L. Sayer, Rev. E. F. Braley
Admission 6d.
Coffee and Cigarettes Provided


Corresponding Number Competition

Conducted by Mr. H. Percival

Electric batteries

THE Executive Committee desire to thank all who have helped by generous gifts or devoted work, or in any other way to make the Bazaar a success.

They wish to thank those who have advertised in the Programme and trust increased orders may be the result.

"All's well that ends well."

Music when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory — Shelley


The stringing of beads is the humblest of offices in the making of a beautiful thing. In this book will be found the sayings of men and women of all ages — the favourite quotations of numerous people — strung together as to form a calendar — a thought for every day of every year. It asks a place m life to help and amuse in those moments of depression that come unforeseen into every life. This day-book will serve its purpose if it invigorates m daily care and toil, and gives comfort and courage in hours of darkness and burnishes the soul's armour for mortal combat.

Local Advertisers
Col. 1
Col. 2
Col. 3
Tailby & Putnam
Tuffrey's Boots
Walter Chettle
Page & Ladds
W Tilley
Smith - chemist
W Packwood
Rushden Echo
J Bugby
Meller's Pianos
S Powell
Ellis & Everard Ltd
C Ette
Eaton's Footwear
C A Hedley
A Gramshaw
Webb Bros
George Miller
R H Carter
Philip W Nix
Phillips & Sons
Croft & Nichols
Croft & Nichols
A Packwood
C H Knight
J Seckington
G H Skinner
Blunsom, Son & Co.
C Robinson
Orrell's Dental Rooms
Other Advertisers listed at the end

Other Advertisers

Adnitt’s of Northampton

Currall & Son – Tailors of Northampton

E & S Young – Millinery of Wellingborough

Noble's Grocery & Cosy Cafe - Wellingborough

W J Arnsby – Jeweller of Northampton

Neudegg’s – Furnishers of Northampton

Jeffery, Sons & Co – Furnishers of Northampton

Spoor & Son – Tailors of Northampton

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