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St Peter's Parish Magazines
1934 St Peter’s Church Magazine
The Parochial Church Council.

Chairman—The Vicar.
Churchwardens—C. F. Mackness and A. G. H. Dickens.
Ruri-Decanal Representatives—Mrs. P. Barwell Sprigs & Mr. R. Marriott.
Members—Messrs. E. Abbott, J. H. Broughton, T. W. Elliott, W. E. Griffin, A. James, F. Jones, C. Pallet, H. Paragreen, S. Pratt, F. Robinson, H. M. Seckington, W. York, Mesdames Bennett, Dartnell, Jervis, Todd, Wright, Miss Marriott. Co-opted Members—Mrs. Green, F. Seamarks, A. P. Worrall.
Hon. Sec.—Mr. C. F. Mackness.
The Church Council—Meets on 2nd Monday in quarter.
Sidesmen—Messrs. E.Abbott, J. Bates, J. H. Broughton, W. J. Dartnell, E. Dickens, W. Griffin, F. Hart, R. W. H. Hart, F. Jones, A. James, H. Mackness, K. Marriott, H. Neville, E. Packwood, C. Pallett, D. Panter, H. Paragreen, F. F. Robinson, A. Rice, F. Seamarks, H. M. Seckington, W. Whitlock, A. P. Worrell, G. Williamson, W. York.
Lay Readers—T. P. Hamerton, G. S. Morris.
Organist & Choirmaster—Mr. W. P. Jolley.
Cross Bearers—Messrs.S. Brown, T. W. Elliott, C. Hancock.
Chief Server & M.C.—Mr. C. F. Mackness.
Thurifers—Messrs. H. Dickens and W. Foster, S. Pratt, R. Robinson.
Boat Boys—G. Andrews, R. Elliott.
Servers—Messrs. F. Bennett, N. Bennett, R. Bridgeford, S. Brown, R. Brooker, P. Dickens, C. Hancock, H. James, D. Mantle, H. B. Morris, L. Mole, D. Panter, D. Paragreen, S. Pratt, R. Robinson, A. Sears, H. Sinfield, G. Tye, R. Willis.
Sacristan—Miss Ball.
Caretaker—Mr. J. Newell, 23 Washbrook Road.
Magazine Distributor—Mrs. Wright, 27 Montague Street.
Church Tutorial Class—Every Monday at the Vicarage, 8p.m.
S. Peter's Girl Guides— Every Tuesday 7.30. Captain—Miss Marriott. Brownies every Tuesday 6-30.
The Mothers' Union—Meets ist Wednesday in month. Enrolling member—Mrs. Spriggs.
Mothers' Meeting—Every Wednesday 2.30. Mrs. Marriott, Mrs. Spriggs & Mrs. Wright.
The Men's FellowshipSecretary—Mr. R. Hart, 44 Moor Road.
Choir Practice—Every Wednesday at 8 p m. Applications for membership should be made to the organist.
Sustentation Fund, F.W.O.—All worshippers are asked to contribute regularly to this fund. Secretary—Mr. W. Griffin, Fletclier Road. Treasurers—The Wardens.
The Catechism—In Church every Sunday at 2 p.m. (except when there is Children's Service)
Sunday Schools—Every Sunday 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Middle School—The Church Room. Superintendent—Mr. A. H. Dickens, 24 Midland Road. Junior and Infant School, Moor Road Council School.
Superintendent—Mr. S. Pratt, 86 Wellingborough Road. Children's Service—Last Sunday in month at 2.15 and on the Festivals.
Sunday School Teachers' Class—Tuesdays, Junior Grade Teachers, 7.30. Middle Grade Teachers, 6.30. No class on Tuesdays preceding Children's Service.
Young People's Social Club—Saturday evenings 7 p.m. Secretary-Mr. S. Pratt.
Cricket Club Guild of Hope—Every Wednesday at 6.30. Superintendent—Mr. A. Dickens.
King's Messengers—Every Monday at 6.30.
Superintendents—Mrs. Springs. Mr. Dickens and Miss Boys.

Wedding—The good wishes of all the members of S. Peter's congregation go to Mr. Harry Dickens on the occasion of his marriage to Miss May Elizabeth Smith. He has for years been an Altar Server, a Sunday School Teacher, a Chorister—a staunch worker for our Church. No doubt some of this zeal is inherited from his parents, but there is a goodly proportion of it which is his own and which bears an original stamp. We wish him and his bride very many happy years of life together and every blessing.
June 10

Peter Jesse Mole
Gordon Leslie Dickens
Patricia Edith Mary Reynolds
Peter Charles Brown
June 23 Barbara Mary Campion
June 25 May Elizabeth Smith
June 2 Frederick William Brice and
Florence Mary Throssell
June 23 Christopher Edward Drage and
Minnie Harbour
June 25

Ellen Salter, aged 70 years
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St. Peter's will reach its Jubilee on January 24th, 1945, the fiftieth anniversary of the dedication of the Mission Church, now used as a Parish Hall. We hope that our people will have this great event in mind, and prepare for it. The Parochial Church Council is to consider plans at its nfext meeting. We wish to celebrate the anniversary in a worthy manner, but the best way will be by lives of personal consecration and a gathsring in of more and more into the fellowship of the Church.
The Monthly Corporate Communion will be held on Wednesday, May 3rd, at 9 a.m., and the monthly service will be on the same day at 3 p.m. The other two Communions to which we would draw the attention of members are those to be held on Ascension Day, May i8th, and Whit Sunday, May 28th. The yearly house to house collection for the work of the Moral Welfare Association will be organised shortly, and we trust that all our members will be willing to take a part in it. F.O.M.

The monthly meeting will be held at the Vicarage on Tuesday, May i6th., at 7.30 p.m. We trust that all members will try to be present, as we must now prepare for the Garden Party, for we have charge of the refreshments. Women's Meeting.

During May we shall meet at the Vicarage at 2.30 p.m. on May 10; 17; 24; 31. We shall look forward to welcoming members to these gatherings. A.H.

Baptisms, Marriages & Burials
March 26 Pamela Bradshaw
Tanya Susan Alson
Janet Yvonne Stringer
April 2 Margaret Ann Franklin
April 9 Graham Roy Pettit
Carole Ann Jarvis
April 1

Thomas Edwin Butler and
Hilda Harris

April 8

Richard Dean Swift and
BettyJane Harris

April 10

Frank Skipper and
Pauline Monica Brooks.

April 12 Albert John Huish Brown and
Grace Joan Brooksby
March 21 Sarah Jane Goodman aged 73 years
April 18 Annie Dorothy Hewitt, aged 44

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