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Wesleyan Golden Jubilee 1950

Hand written notes of events of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations, transcribed by Susan Manton

Rushden High Street Jubilee Celebrations Feb & March 1950

To celebrate the Jubilee of the opening of the present church building a series of services and events designed to include each of the Church Organisations were arranged February 25th to March 6th.

Commencing with a service of intercession conducted by Rev. John Renison, in Lower Schoolrooms 7.30 Saturday Evening.

Sunday 26th Services 11am & 6pm conducted by Rev. B.W. Hughes, Hon. Sec National Free Church Council, President of Baptist Union. Morning service was attended by the Chairman of Rushden Urban Council, Councillor W.E Capon with councillors and officials of the council, members of the Girls’ Life Brigade and Boys’ Brigade and a large congregation.

Dr. Hughes said “Memory is at work this morning as we go back to the days 50 years ago thinking of the time this edifice was opened.”

He had a special word for the young people,” We stand on the edge of a New Age and it is for youth to shape it. To them we commit our faith and ideals.”

The anthem “Bless This House” was sung by the choir.

A Young People’s Service in the afternoon conducted by Mr. W. J. Lack, Hon. Superintendent who referred to the Y.P. service on the opening Sunday 50 years ago. The address was given by Dr. G. O. Teichmann, late of India.

Monday saw a Boys’ Brigade Rally and display, all Rushden Companies taking part. Miss F.I. Clipson presided. The various items were greatly enjoyed by a large company and reflected great credit on officers, instructors and the boys.

Tuesday was commenced by an organ recital by Mr. S. Weekley, organist of the Church, followed by Public Worship conducted by Rev. Leslie Cooke B.A.B.D., Secretary Congregational Union of England and Wales. The message given (Human Nature Misread) made a great impression on a large congregation. The choir contribution to the service was the anthem “The Heaven’s are telling.”

Wednesday. A miscellaneous programme organised by the Girls’ Life Brigade included items of music elocution and displays by junior cadets and seniors, Mr. S. Kee presided. All available space in the large room being occupied by parents and friends greatly enjoying the evening. Captain D. Cunnington was in charge with other officers assisting.

Thursday afternoon. Women’s Auxiliary Rally was attended by 200 women from the local auxiliaries, Mrs. Renison presided and Rev. J. Renison gave the address. Tea followed. In the evening a quiz and social organised by the choir, query master Mr. F. Palmer. Teams from all sections of the church took part. Answers were judge by Rev. and Mrs. Renison.

A special presentation was made to four friends, who had been members of the choir since the church opening 50 years ago, Miss N. Hazeldine, Miss N. Fensome, Mr. E. Lawson and Mr. H. Bridgment.

Friday March 3rd. the Comrades fellowship were in charge when a programme of popular music was given by the Rushden Temperance Band, conductor Mr. W. Scholes. Soloist Miss Betty Scholes. Alderman J.W. Barker presided.

Saturday. High tea arranged by Mr. F. Clipson and Miss D. Cunnington, former officials, teachers and scholars invited. 150 attended. Conference of the work followed tea. A concert in the evening given by the Express Welfare Club of Irthlingborough. Mr. C. Maddams presided.

Sunday. Morning service conducted by Rev. J. Renison. Evening service Rev. D. A. Smith , Bedford. The choir sang Jackson’s “Te Deum.”

Monday - The closing service took the form of a Thanksgiving Rally, friends being present from the Churches of the Circuit.

Rev. J. Renison presided. Our guest speakers were the president and secretary of the Union. Rev. N. S. Lobb and Rev. W.H. Jones whose messages were highly appreciated by a large congregation. Reference to the Centenary of the Union and the story of its formation linking up the churches brought us to close contact with the true purpose of the work of the Kingdom.

The Service concluded with the singing by the choir of the “Hallelujah Chorus” conducted by Mr. J. W. Vorley with Mr. S. Weekley at the organ.

Light refreshments gave opportunity for a pleasant half hour fellowship with visitors and guests.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph March 1950, transcribed by Susan Manton.

To Youth We Commit Our Faith and Ideals.

“Memory is at work this morning; we are going back to the days fifty years ago, thinking of the time this magnificent edifice was finished and opened”, said Dr. S. W. Hughes, President of the Baptist Union, speaking at a jubilee service in Rushden Independent Wesleyan Church on Sunday morning.

The service was the beginning of a week’s celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the present church building in the High Street and was attended by the Chairman of the Urban Council Mr. W. E. Capon, members of the Council and contingents of the Girls’ Life Brigade and Boys’ Brigade as well as a large congregation.

Dr. Hughes asked his congregation to consider what Rushden would be like if all the churches were down and out or if none of them had ever been built. As far as some people were concerned he said there might as well be no churches.

A New Age

Dr. Hughes had a special word for the young people attending the service “The young folk represent a very important section of the community” he said “ we stand on the edge of a new age to shape it. To them we commit our faith and our ideals.”

The Rev. J. Renison welcomed the councillors and thanked them for attending.

The anthem “Bless this house” was sung by the choir.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph March 1950, transcribed by Susan Manton.

Boys’ Brigade Rally - Display at Rushden

Speaking at the Independent Wesleyan Boys’ Brigade Rally at Rushden on Monday evening, the chairman, Miss I. Clipson, urged parents to back up as much as they could the grand and wonderful work of the movement. “You parents” she said “must remember the boys are well looked after and give them up to their work as much as possible for it is such a grand beginning.”

The three Rushden companies, 1st, 3rd and 4th, gave good performances in all the work they did. The 4th company began the evening with the Guard of Honour and then the three companies were inspected.

A message by semaphore was sent and read out to the chairman by four boys of the 3rd company. They were Sgt. J. M. Johnson, Cpl. D. Adams, Private E. N. Rowthorn and Private N. F. Magee and the message was a welcome from the Boys’ Brigade on the memorable Jubilee display.

Human draughts was an interesting and amusing piece of work. The combined company played, each boy representing either a white or black checker.

Gym Display

A gymnasium display was given by the 1st Rushden Company, vaulting being the chosen drill.

Figure marching, which was displayed by the 4th company was very effective, the boys marching in the dark carrying green and red torches.

The Bugle Band (3rd Rushden company) put up a good show. A short sketch followed this, given by four boys and caused much amusement.

A comic First Aid display was shown by the 1st company and the final item was the 4th company staging a series of sword swinging exercises.

Mr. E. Fowell, of the 4th Rushden company thanked the inspecting officer, the Rev. J. Renison, who conducted the programme and Miss I. Clipson for presiding. He also thanked all those who had come along to give their support and all the officers.

The pianist was Miss Joan Maye and a collection was taken for the Church Jubilee funds. Officers of the companies were Mr. F. Eaton and Mr. J. Craker (1st), Mr. E. J. Godfrey and Mr. P. Waring (3rd) Mr. E. Fowell and Mr. C. Moule (4th).

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph March 1950, transcribed by Susan Manton

Girls’ Life Brigade Entertain - Many parents and friends attended.

The mass opening of a miscellaneous evening arranged by the Girls’ Life Brigade at Rushden Independent Wesleyan Schools on Wednesday began with all members of the movement singing “Comrades Are We.”

The hall was packed with parents and friends and Mr. S. Kee, the chairman, commented upon the fact and said that it encouraged members to show their enthusiasm all over the town.

Captain D. Cunnington welcomed the visitors, especially Mr. Kee, Mrs. M. Weekley (former captain), the Rev. and Mrs. Renison, Miss I. Clipson (Superintendent of the Sunday School), Mr. E. Fowell (of the Boys Brigade) and Miss M. Knight (captain of the Higham Ferrers G.L.B.)

Junior Cadets

After a pianoforte solo by Mary Lawrence, 20 minutes was given over to the junior cadets, who recited, sang and danced. Other items were given by Ann Windsor (solo), Hilary Denton (recitation), the Cadet’s Band, Marion Henman (piano), June Bigley (ballet dance), cadets (singing game) Dawn Green (piano), Sheila Martin (recitation), seniors and juniors (figure marching), Lieut. Jean Aspinall (recitation), Angela Chettle (ballet dance), juniors and seniors (comedy item), Christine Wood (recitation), juniors (country dance), seniors (national dance) and finally the company joined together for the closing item – a pageant.

A collection was taken for the Jubilee Funds and refreshments were served during the interval.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph March 1950, transcribed by Susan Manton

Eisteddfod Winner

Straight from Kettering where she had been awarded a first prize at the Eisteddfod, Betty Scholes, of Rushden, sang to an audience in the Queen Street Schoolrooms on Friday night.

The occasion was a concert given by the Rushden Temperance Band (conducted by her father Mr. W. Scholes) and organised by the Comrades Fellowship as their contribution to the Independent Wesleyan Church Building Jubilee Celebrations. Ald. J. W. Barker, of Higham Ferrers, was in the chair and the vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Edgar Leeding.

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