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Wesleyan Church Memorials
Inside the Church Building

A Tapestry
Presented to High Street by Pauline Coley
A Picture
Womens Auxiliary 1986-1987
In Memory of
Mrs D Nobles
Mrs M Weekley
Mrs L Keech
Presented in Memory
Lilian M Bodill
1914 - 1989
Book Rest
Sacred to the Memory of
Charles Maddams
A true and faithful servant of this Church
17.12.1889 - 9.6.1961
And his dear wife Mabel
A Loyal Church-worker
14.7.1890 - 3.8.1957
From their devoted Family and Friends
On the wall behind
the pulpit
To the Glory of God
and in loving memory
of Ebenezer Claridge
and Charles Raymond
his son - this pulpit
is dedicated AD 1914
AlsoMary Wife of
Ebenezer Claridge
and their daughter
Emily Mason
And Oliver their elder
Son - A benefactor
To the Church who
died July 9th 1944 and
George Herbert Claridge
Inside the doors to
the front porch
These Doors were presented
In Memory of Miss F I Clipson
Through the generous gift
of her sister Miss W M Clipson

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