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The Independent Wesleyan Church

original frontage Chapel frontage in the 1960s
Postcard showing original frontage
c1960s after the frontage was altered
a 1916 fund receipt
Renovation Fund receipt 1916

Extract: obituary of Mr Maurice Skinner:

His memory was particularly good, and on the occasion of the stone-laying of the new Independent Wesleyan chapel a month ago he said to one of his friends:- “I can remember the time when the Wesleyan Methodists used to meet in my father’s house near the Green, 80 years ago.”

Wellingboro' News, 5th September 1902

On Feast Monday and Tuesday, September 22nd and 23rd, a grand bazaar and fancy fair will be held in the Queen-street Schools, in aid of the Rushden Independent Wesleyan Church. Enquire for tickets of admission.

Extract - Memories of Mr W S Ladds in 1942

For eighty-one years he has never missed a Sunday School anniversary, and he is looking forward to keeping up the custom this year. In a place of honour on his wall is a small diploma which he was given when he had attended for 80 consecutive times.

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