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For the last eight years our Chapel has been disused, it being too small for the requirements of School and Congregation.

It was felt this would be the case in 1890 when the present Schools in Queen-street were erected, and considerable anxiety was experienced by the Church as to then providing a New Chapel, but the pressing demands of the Sunday School prevailed, and the result has shown that this step was the right one, the Schools being occupied on Sundays to their utmost capacity.

It will be readily seen that a building in which from 500 to 600 scholars assemble for school purposes is not suitable and could only serve temporarily for public worship.

The Church is satisfied that the time has now come for building a good substantial Chapel. Additional land having been purchased and plans approved it is decided to take down the old Chapel and erect a new building to accommodate 750 persons, at a cost, including land of about £2,900.

Towards this sum members of the Church and Congregation have already promised ........... and it is proposed to institute weekly or monthly collections. We also anticipate a large sum will be raised at the Memorial Stone Laying, which is expected to take place in September.

We confidently appeal to the Christian public for assistance in our large undertaking.

We feel this is necessary our resources not being equal to the task. Our system of Church Government being Congregational we have no denominational funds to assist us.

Contributions will be thankfully received and acknowledged by either of the undersigned:-

JOHN JAOUES Society Steward
E. WRIGHTON Chapel Stewards
G. DENTON Treasurer to Building Fund
1849—Previous to 1849 we existed as a Methodist Society. Services being held in a small Chapel near the village green.

A Sunday School was started in 1848 with 10 scholars.

In consequence of the disruption in Methodism the Society became non-connexional.

1852—New Chapel in Back-way, rented of Mr. Benjamin Denton for £7. 10s. per year, opened by Rev. W. Griffiths, one of the Methodist Ministers expelled in 1849. Services were held here for 21 years.

1873—A Permanent Chapel and Schools in High-street, secured by deed to the Society costing about £1,000. A Bazaar was held which realised about £100. Founda¬tion Stones were laid by Mr. T. Chamberlain, Rev. T. Bromage, Messrs. G. Tailby, and S. Brightwell. The Opening Services were conducted by the Rev. Dr. Clifford, and the amount raised up to date of opening was £635.

1890—New Schools erected in Queen-street at a cost of about £2,000, the whole of the debt being clear in 1896.

1895—We erected a Mission Room in Station-road which cost about £500 upon which a debt remains of about £300.

Friends will wait upon you in the course of a few days when you are requested to fill in the following:-




Church Bazaar 1897
This picture is sent with information that it is a Church Bazaar in 1897, and the lady on horse back is May Denton. It was taken outside Eastfields - home of Mr. George Denton.

1950 Jubilee

1953 "Coronation Bazaar"
Renovation Bazaar Committee:

Chairman : Rev Gordon Bellamy
Organiser: Miss F I Clipson
Secretary: Mr S A Kee
Treasurer: Mr G Eason

Renovation Bazaar in aid of Organ and Church Interior

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