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Albert Holley - teacher
This bible is now at Rushden Museum and inside is the photograph by Chettle of Rushden, together
with the "64th Anniversary Service" sheet - the event at which Albert was presented with the bible.
Bible presented to Albert Holley Albert Holley
This bible was presented to Albert Holley by the teachers - presumably when he became a teacher in 1912
Courtesy of Rushden Museum

Albert Holley
Order of Service


Prayer (Invocatory)

Hymn 1




Anthem “All People that on Earth do Dwell”


Hymn 2 No 462 SSH


Hymn 3 No 186 SSH


Hymn 1 J. Mackness
WELCOME, happy morning.
This our festal day,
Welcome, thy returning,
Joyful be our lay.
Thee we hail with gladness,
While assembled here,
Welcome, yea thrice welcome,
Day of all the year.

We have journeyed onward
In the march of life,
With its scenes of gladness,
With its toil and strife.
But our loving Father
Leads us with His hand,
He will surely bring us
To that heavenly land.

Oft our feet grow weary
In the toilsome way,
Strength to us is given,
As our need each day.
Let us then take courage,
Boldly march along,
Bravely do our duty,
Till the victory's won.

Glory to the Father.
Glory to the Son,
Glory to the Spirit,
Thee blest Three in One.
Glory, praise, and honour,
Evermore shall be,
Through the countless ages
Of eternity.


Prayer (Invocatory)

Hymn 4 No 389 SSH



Hymn 5 No 62 SSH


Hymn 6 No 102 SSH



Presentation of Bibles

Hymn 7 No 101 SSH



Prayer (Invocatory)

Hymn 8 No 586 SSH


Hymn 9 J Mackness



Anthem “Hark, Hark, My Soul” (Shelly)

Hymn 10 No 142 SSH

Hymn 11 No 517 SSH



Hymn 9 J Mackness

Peace, O my soul !
Thy Father knows thy every care,
Knows all thy wants, knows all thy fears:
Peace, O my soul !

Rest, O my soul !
The path He chooses thee to tread.
With thorns and briers though bespread,
Leads straight to Him.

Trust, O my soul !
His loving hand is always near
To help, to strengthen and to cheer:
Trust, O my soul !

Wait, O my soul:
'Bide thou His time, and thou shall see
Thy heart's desires He'll give to thee:

Wait, O my soul!
Rest, trust, and wait,
Thine earthly toils will soon be o'er,
Thy feet shall tread the heavenly shore,
Peace evermore.

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