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From the archive of Jean Freeman
Transcribed and presented by Greville Watson 2013

Rushden Independent Wesleyan Church
Centenary of the Sunday School
1848 - 1948

Independent Wesleyan Sunday School
The Sunday School in Queen Street


Begun in an hour of curiosity, the study of records available continued from pure admiration as the story unfolded of the splendid devotion, adventurous spirit and well-laid plans which ensured that, as Rushden advanced from village to town, the officers and teachers of our School were always ready to take their part in supplying the needs of the children and young people in regard to religious teaching and social welfare.

My hope is that the thrill received in this study may possess all who read the story and bring blessing and encouragement in the future years.

Thanks are expressed to Mrs M J Hazeldine and Mr A Norman Groome for interesting items contributed, Mr L V Elliott and Mr F G Felce for valuable help in the compiling and production, and Miss Gwen Smith, who typed the whole for me.

Walter J Lack

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