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Independent Wesleyan
Band of Hope

Poster advertising an

"Evening Entertainment"

on Monday March 31st 1879

with Accompanist Mr C Fisher

Wellingborough & Kettering News, April 30th, 1881, transcribed by Kay Collins

Band of HopeOn Saturday evening, about 140 children belonging to the Independent Wesleyan Band of Hope sat down to tea in the Temperance Hall; after the juveniles, about 40 members of the Temperance Society also partook of tea. In the evening about 200 people assembled in the hall, and a very pleasing entertainment was given, consisting of glees, songs, recitations, and dialogues, which was thoroughly enjoyed. A distribution of oranges and sweets concluded the meeting.—On Wednesday evening, the members of the Irthlingborough Wesleyan Band of Hope gave the usual fortnightly meeting in the Independent Wesleyan Schoolroom, Ruehden. The Irthlingborough friends acquitted themselves very creditably, and their services were much appreciated. The usual votes of thanks were accorded.

Wellingborough News, 3rd October 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins

Independent Wesleyan Band of Hope—The annual tea and meeting was held on Saturday. Both tea and meeting were well attended. The Rev. T. G. Harper presided. Mr. C. G. Crick read the report, and Mr. A. Lawson the financial statement, which showed a balance in hand of £4. The officers elected were: President, Rev. T. G. Harper; vice-presidents, Messrs. C. Cunnington, E. Claridge, F. Nobles, and G. W. Button; secretary, Mr. C. G. Crick; financial sec., Mr. A. Lawson; treasurer, Mr. Wm. Gutteridge; collectors, Miss J. Jaques and Mr. C. Crowley; entertainment committee, Messrs. J. T. Mackness and G. W. Button; conductor, Mr. T. C. Clarke; accompanist, Mr. T. Bromage. The Society meets on alternate Wednesday evenings. The Secretary's report said the meetings throughout the year had been well-attended by the juniors, but the attendance of the seniors was often so sparse as to give pain. Seventeen meetings had been held, with an average attendance of 82. The number of members on the books is 276—55 seniors and 221 juniors. From various causes 38 had been removed during the year, but 41 had joined, giving a net increase of three.

The Argus, 29th December 1893, transcribed by Kay Collins

Independent Wesleyan Band of Hope—On Tuesday last the members of the above held a tea and social evening, when a good number attendeded. After tea, a short musical programme was gone through, the remainder of the evening being devoted to games.—On Thursday the annual tea in connection with the Band of Hope was held, at which 200 children assembled, and this was followed by another tea of which 100 adults partook. In the evening a capital performance was given by the children and officers of the cantata "Santa Claus at school".

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