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The Heritage Chapel and Halls
Park Road

(Latterly Hope Methodist Church
& formerly the Wesleyan Methodist Church)

Photograph of the church buildings in Park Road taken in 2007
The Church Buildings in Park Road
[photo: Greville Watson, 2007]

The final service held by the Methodists at the Park Road church was on the morning of Sunday, 25th August, 2013. The service was led by Rev Shirley Baker and was very well attended by the congregation with many visitors and well-wishers.

English Heritage Building ID: 493326

The ensemble of church, meeting rooms and church hall has a very successful and picturesque view from both Park Road and Griffith Street with the prominent tower at the corner, and the church interior is little-altered with fine glass and fittings surviving under an impressive roof.

Why the name "The Heritage Chapel" ?

The idea came from the magnificent buildings and the people who built, cared and worshipped here.

We believe these people planted the seeds of their faith for themselves and future generations to grow strong and wide throughout the community.

Societies and attitudes change, but God is constantly there looking over you – wherever you go and in whatever you do.  Even if you are unaware of His care, God provides His knowledge for all to seek.

We are thankful that our ancestors left this great inheritance for us so we can begin to learn the peace and strength that knowing God truly brings.


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