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Rushden Argus, 3rd April 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mr. and Mrs. J. Johnson
Married Fifty Years – Bozeat’s Unique Record of Golden Weddings
Mr & Mrs Johnson
Standing in front of their old home at Bozeat, where they celebrated their golden wedding.
Mr. Johnson was born in this house, and has never lived in another, and his father lived here before him.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Johnson, of the Pykal Gardens, Bozeat, celebrated their golden wedding on Saturday last, when the happy couple invited their children and grandchildren, and one great-grandchild, for a family gathering in the old home.

Mr. Johnson was born in the house he now lives in, and has never had another, whilst his father also occupied the same house for many years. Mrs. Johnson was a native of Yardley Hastings. They have three sons—Mr. William Johnson (Bozeat), Mr. Charles Johnson (Rushden), and Mr. Ben Johnson (Wollaston); six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

The four generations spent a very happy time together on Saturday last, and some useful presents were brought by the grandchildren. Both Mr. and Mrs. Johnson enjoy wonderfully good health, and both are in receipt of the old age pension. Mr. Johnson has the reputation of being the neatest gardener in the village, and the well-kept garden is an eloquent testimony to his industry. Mr. Johnson has not made changes in his employers, having worked for 35 years on one farm, and 16 years as keeper on the Bozeat estate, under the Royal Exchange, for the past ten years. Beyond his own garden his employment has only been casual, but he has lost little time in fine weather, his services in allotments and gardens being in full request. Mrs. Johnson still employs "spare" time on the lace pillow.

Is there another village in the county with a record of golden weddings like Bozeat? There are at least 11 couples in the village who have passed the happy event, whilst Mr. and Mrs. Berrill, London-road, have passed their 60th wedded year. There are also living on the London-road Mr. and Mrs. William Drage at the "Villa"; Mr. and Mrs. T. Corby, the pioneer of the lift-making industry in the village, and still very much alive to business; Mr. and Mrs. J. Craxton; Mr. and Mrs. William Hooton; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hooton; Mr. and Mrs. T. Dobbs; and Mr. and Mrs. John Partridge. Surely a record for one road! Then there are Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith, of Pear Tree Close: Mr. and Mrs. William Church; and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. Their united ages reach considerably over 1,600 years.

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