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Mr Reuben Clark

The Rushden Echo, 17th December 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Veteran Baptist—A representative of “The Rushden Echo” recently had the privilege of a chat with Mr Reuben Clark, of Yelden, who notwithstanding his advanced age, is still occasionally to be seen walking to Park-road Baptist Church. Mr Clark had walked 13,000 miles, there and back to attend divine service at Rushden.

It will be 49 years next March since Mr Clark joined the “Top Meeting” at Rushden, the pastor at that time being the late Rev. R. E. Bradfield. One year Mr Clark attended service at Rushden on no fewer than 51 Sundays, besides three week days, walking the whole of the distance each way with the exception of about 12 miles when he had a “lift” in passing carts.

Rushden Echo, 19th November 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Veteran Baptist—By the death at an advanced age of Mr. Reuben Clark, whose funeral took place last week, the village of Yelden loses one of its oldest and most respected residents, and the Park-road Baptist Church, Rushden, loses one of its most honoured and consistent members. For many years Mr. Clark used to walk every Sunday from Yelden to Rushden to attend the services at the Baptist Church, and this he kept up with remarkable regularity until at last his advanced age and increasing infirmity prevented him doing so. During the last few months he gradually grew weaker, though happily he retained his faculties almost unimpaired. He possessed a very good memory, and would frequently speak of the bygone days. He passed away at the residence of his son, Mr. William Clark, grocer.

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