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child of Rhoda Warren

Wellingborough News, 2nd December 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

RINGSTEAD-INQUEST—On Monday last an inquest was held at the Black Horse Inn, before Mr. J. T. Parker, on the still-born male child of Rhoda Warren. Vashti Warren, the mother of Rhoda Warren, said her daughter had been living at Finedon. She went to Raunds on Tuesday and did not return home till Friday. She did not know that her daughter was to have a child till then. On Saturday her father, Thomas Warren, went to the relieving officer at Raunds to get a certificate to take her to the Union. On his return he went to get a cart to take her. While he was gone the child was born. A midwife was sent for, who on her arrival sent for the police and a doctor. Ann Wills, the midwife, gave corroborative evidence. Dr. Blacker, of Thrapston, said he had made a post mortem examination of the child, which was healthy and of timely birth, but he said it had never breathed. He understood the girl had taken three pills the night before as medicine, and was of opinion that they accelerated the birth. The pills were what are called castor oil pills, but they were antibilious pills. He had one and found it to contain a mixture of jallup and rhubarb. The jury were of opinion that the pills were not taken to procure abortion, and after hearing the medical evidence, returned a verdict that the child was still-born.

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