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Adapted, Eric Jenkins, 9th June 2008, from The Northampton Mercury, 17th August 1867, page 7
Young Wollaston Swimmers Drowned, 1867

On the evening of Monday, 12th August, 1867, George Packwood, aged 23, the son of James Packwood, tailor and draper; and John Lucy, aged 15, the son of Christopher Lucy, butcher; both of Wollaston, went to bathe in the Swallow Brook near Turnells Mill. Both were drowned, and an inquest was held on 14th August, at the Nag's Head Inn, Wollaston.

Thomas Wakefield: I live at the Doddington railway crossing. I noticed some clothes lying by the side of the brook for a long time. I became alarmed when I could see no one in the water. Some distance away, some boys were fishing, and I asked them if they knew who owned the clothes. One of the boys was George Packwood's brother. He said they belonged to George Packwood and John Lucy. I gave the alarm, and together with Mr. Bonham of Great Doddington, searched the brook. We found their bodies in a deep hole near the clothes. They were clasping each other by the hand. Probably one went to save the other from drowning, and drowned too.

The inquest verdict was "Found Drowned".

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