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Mr. Charles Spencer

Wellingborough News, 14th April 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

DEATH OF AN OLD INHABITANT—The death of Mr. Charles Spencer, of this village, in his 90th year, took place about half-past nine o'clock last Monday night. Many within the circle of 60 miles (says our correspondent), have for a number of years known this remarkable old gentleman. He lived in the old farmhouse in which he died for about 54 years, and, till lately, farmed the land thereto belonging. All those with whom he transacted business respected him as a straightforward conscientious man. It is, however, his religious career that is most worthy of notice. He was a member of the Wesleyan Society for about 68 years. He was appointed to the office of classleader soon after he joined the church, and continued faithfully to discharge the duties of that office till the feebleness of old age constrained him to surrender. He was a local preacher among the Wesleyans for the long period of 62 years. His name appears on a plan bearing date 1821, entitled "The Higham Ferrers and Wellingborough Circuit Plan," and on every plan from that date till now his name has always had a place. For something like a year or two before the above date he was employed as an exhorter. Till the last four years he took his full share of work, preaching about 80 times a year in the different chapels in the neighbourhood, and very often occupying the pulpit in the circuit town. His services were very acceptable, and were attended with great good. He was thoroughly sound in his theological views and with a powerful voice faithfully, and earnestly delivered the truths of the gospel to thousands of people, many of whom are now in heaven, and were helped on their way thither by his instrumentality. Many now living are glad that they ever knew him, and Irchester has to be proud that it possessed such a man.

Wellingborough News, 21st April 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

THE LATE MR. SPENCER— The funeral of Mr. Spencer took place last Friday. He was interred by the side of his wife in the parish churchyard. Never within the memory of the oldest inhabitant has there been such a venerable old man buried in this place. A funeral service was held in the chapel last Sunday evening.

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