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Wellingborough News, 29th August 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mrs. Southam

OBITUARY—We regret to record the death of Mrs. Southam, wife of P.C. Mark Southam, which took place on Wednesday, 20th inst., after a painful illness. Deceased had only been living at Bozeat about two years, but being of an amiable and sociable disposition she made many friends, who exhibited their practical sympathy by untiring ministrations to her during her illness. Deceased was the step-mother of four children, to whom she was most kind and affectionate.—The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon, in the Parish Churchyard, a good number of the inhabitants attending to show their respect to the deceased. Before the Rev. Harcourt Powell (of Wollaston) commenced the burial service, Mr. W. W. Wright, organist (of Olney), played the "Dead March" (Saul). Wreaths and crosses were sent by:—Mr. and Mrs. Prescott, Mrs. Summerlin, and J. and M. Pollard (Northampton). Mr. C. Berril was the undertaker. Great sympathy is felt for Mr. Southam in his sad bereavement, especially as this is the second experience of the kind within the period of five years. During the time Mr. Southam has been at Bozeat, he has discharged his duties in so courteous and yet an effectual manner as to command the respect of all.

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