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Rushden Echo, 25th March 1904, transcribed by Kay Collins
Joseph Simmonds
Chelveston Man’s Sad End – Found Dead near Strixton
A shocking discovery was made on Saturday morning in a field at Strixton, the dead body of a man being found under the hedge. The body was afterwards identified as that of Joseph Simmonds, aged 50, who had been employed for some years by Mr T C George, of Chelveston.

An inquest was held at Wollaston on Saturday afternoon, when PC Harding stated that on Friday night about eight o’clock a man named Richard Sumners came to him in High-street, stating that a man had been lying near his gate since half-past two, The man wanted to lay near the stacks, but Sumner would not let him, after which the deceased laid down and said he could not walk. Witness went and found the deceased near the gate. The man stated that he had come from Wellingborough that moring and wanted to go to Newport Pagnell. He had been on the road since nine o’clock, and could not walk as his feet were so bad. Witness then advised him to get on the road, and went as far as Strixton turn with him. Witness left him near the gate telling him if he slept out he should have to take him to Wellingborough. He went back again about twelve o’clock, but could not find the man. About half-past six that morning Wm Walker informed witness that the man was dead in Ram Close. Witness found him dead, but warm. On Friday deceased gave the name of Joseph Simmonds, and said he had been working for Mr George, farmer, of Chelveston, which afterwards witness found to be correct. He had worked there for nine years, and left on Thursday to go to North Crawley to see his brother. Witness searched the man and found eight-pence on him, with a pipe and tobacco.

William Walker, labourer, spoke as to the discovery of the body, and Dr Baxter, of Wollaston, gave it as his opinion that death resulted from failure of the heart’s action through exposure and insufficient food. There was a deep sore on the right heel and another on the instep.

The jury returned a verdict of death from natural causes.

The funeral took place on Tuesday at the Wollaston Cemetery, Mr George, deceased’s former employer, kindly bearing the expense.

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