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Wellingborough News, 8th September 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins
Thomas Sharp
Inquest at Irchester

On Monday last, Mr. J. T. Parker, divisional coroner, held an inquest at the Red Lion Inn, Irchester, on the body of Thomas Sharp, (54), late ironstone contractor, who died on the previous day from injuries received on the 23rd ult.

Dr. Owen deposed to meeting deceased on the afternoon of the 23rd ult., being driven in a cart from Rushden to Irchester. He accompanied him home and there examined him. He found a fracture of the upper third of the left thigh, and a slight graze on the left temple. About three days after the accident deceased had delirium, partly from the injury and partly from alcoholism. He persisted in removing the bandages on his thigh, and moved himself about. The shock to his system was very great, and he never recovered from it. He died from the effects of the shock. Deceased told witness that the wheel of his cart went up a bank and threw him out, but he did not quite know how it happened.

Inspector Phenix said that on the day of the accident he drove with the deceased from Knuston to Rushden in a pony cart. Deceased drove, and an old lady was also in the trap. Deceased was quite capable of taking care of himself. Witness got out at Rushden at 20 minutes past twelve, and deceased drove on. About a quarter to 2 o'clock when in Rushden, witness saw the pony running away with the cart from Wymington way. He sent on a policeman to see what had happened, while he went after the cart. On getting this he went up the Wymington-road, and about 200 yards out of Rushden, he found deceased lying on the right side of the road. He said "Oh, I did not think this was going to happen when I saw you this morning." He added that he thought his thigh was broken, and in reply to a question, he said that a piece of paper made his pony shy on to the side of the road, and he was thrown out. Witness saw the mark of the wheel up the bank at the left side of the road. He had deceased conveyed home.

P.C. Onan gave confirmatory evidence, and said that when he found the defendant he was lying in the middle of the road, and he helped to move him to the right side of the road, where the inspector saw him.

The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death".

IRCHESTER - OBITUARY—The late Mr. Thomas Sharp of this place, whose name is in our obituary column this week, was for some years an ironstone contractor, and thereby accumulated enough to live upon for the last five years. His remains were interred in Irchester Churchyard on Wednesday last. He leaves a wife, one son, and two daughters.

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