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Rushden Echo, 9th April 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mr Edward Scholes

Obituary—A well-known resident of the borough passed away on Sunday in the person of Mr Edward Scholes, at the age of 84 years. The deceased, who had been a bedesman for about six years, had resided in Higham Ferrers for over 40 years, and was well-known and highly respected. His wife, who survives him, is 83 years of age. Mr and Mrs Scholes were residing at the time of the great fire in the house formerly occupied by the late Mr George Smith, and lost everything they had, and this was a source of great trouble to them both. Right up to the time of his death, Mr Scholes used to talk of this great calamity.

The late Mr Scholes was a remarkably active man, and was about less than a week before his death. He took to his bed not more than two days before his decease, and although the doctor certified him as suffering from influenza, Mr Scholes remarked to a neighbour “I know what it is, my time has come.” This remark was made but a day or two before he passed away. The end came peacefully in his sleep on Sunday evening. The funeral took place yesterday in the cemetery at Higham Ferrers. The Rev H K Fry officiated at the church and at the graveside. The cortege was preceded by four bedesmen, Messrs Quincey, Whitney, Lambert and Parker. Mr Headlands, another bedesman, was present at the graveside. The coffin, of polished English oak with brass fittings, bore the inscription:-

Died April 4, 1915,
Aged 84 years.

The mourners included Mr and Mrs Willmott (Stanwick) nephew and niece, Mr and Mrs Scholes (Ringstead) nephew and niece.

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