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Thomas Perry

Northampton Mercury, 1921, courtesy of Jon Abbott

Fatal Accident at Raunds

A fatal accident happened on Thursday afternoon to an elderly labouring man of Wymington, named Thomas Perry. It appears he was in the employ of Mr. Goosey, of Wymington, and at two o’clock in the afternoon was coming along the Ringstead-road towards Raunds with a wagon load of corn. Although no one was with him at the time it is supposed by two men, shoemakers of Ringstead, who happened to be going to Raunds with their work, and found him on the road immediately after the accident occurred, that the poor man was getting up on to the wagon to ride when he slipped and fell, and that the wagon wheels went over him. At any rate, they found him seriously injured. They stopped the wagon, and shortly after, Mr. Patrick, of Kettering, coming along from Raunds in a trap, the injured man was put into it, and taken to Dr. Mackenzie’s surgery at Raunds, in a collapsed condition. He was there examined by Drs. Mackenzie and Ramsay, who found that his ribs had been smashed and that he was suffering from serious internal injuries. He was at once attended to, and bound up, and conveyed home to Wymington in a trap. On reaching home he immediately expired.

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