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Mrs. Ada Louisa Peat

Rushden Echo, 19th July 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

Obituary—We regret to record the death, which took place suddenly on Wednesday, following confinement, at the age of 42 years, of Mrs. Ada Louisa Peat, wife of Mr. James Peat, of 4, North-end. The child also (a boy), we are sorry to learn, has not survived. The deceased lady, who leaves a husband and one daughter to mourn their loss, was an ardent Churchwoman and regularly attended the services at St. Mary’s. She was formerly a prominent member of the Higam Ferrers Women’s Adult School, but being of a retiring disposition her activities were mainly connected with her own home. Much sympathy is felt with Mr. peat and daughter in the grievous blow they have sustained. The funeral took place this (Friday) afternoon at the cemetery, the first portion of the obsequies being conducted at St. Mary’s Church, whither the cortege first proceeded. The Rev. H. K. Fry officiated both at the church and graveside. The coffin, of polished elm with brass fittings, bore the inscription:-

Ada Louisa Peat
Died July 17th, 1918
Aged 42 years.

The mourners included: Mr. James Peat (husband) and Miss Louisa Peat (daughter), Mrs. C. Bailey (sister) and Mr. Walter Richardson (brother), Mrs. G. Randall (sister) and Mr. T. Richardson (brother), Mrs. C. Gomm (sister), Mr. C. Bailey (brother-in-law), Mr. G. Randall (brother-in-law), Mrs. W. Richardson (sister-in-law), Mr. C. Gomm (brother-in-law), Mrs. T. Richardson (sister-in-law), and Mr. and Mrs. F. Hensman (nephew and niece). A number of beautiful wreaths were placed on the grave. Mr. F. Parker was the undertaker.

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