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Adapted, Eric Jenkins, 2nd November 2010, from The Northampton Mercury, 19th August 1876, page 2.
S. Pack

J. T. Parker, Coroner, held an inquest at Higham Ferrers on Tuesday, August 15th, 1876, to establish the cause of the death on the 14th, of S. Pack, a Higham Ferrers baker.

The first witness was Thomas Pack. "I am a labourer. I live at Higham Ferrers. The deceased was my brother; he was 72, a baker. Yesterday, I was carrying barley with him and his grandson, Charles Norman. About mid-day, we were coming down the hill into the town. I was behind the cart. My brother was sitting on the load. Charles Norman was leading the horse when it began to kick. The lad tried to hold the horse, and it pulled into the bank at the side. The cart overturned, and my brother was precipitated on his head on to the road. I picked him up, and took him home. He was unconscious, and he never spoke".

Charles Norman was sworn, and corroborated Thomas Pack's evidence. Then came the medical evidence.

David Thompson: I was called to see the deceased at about one o'clock yesterday afternoon. I found him unconscious, suffering from two contused wounds on the back of his head. Blood was coming from his ears. Upon examination, I found an extensive fracture of the skull, sufficient to cause his death. The jury verdict was "Accidental Death".

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