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Wellingborough News, 5th December 1890, transcribed by Kay Collins
Death of Mr. Thomas Nichols
of Raunds
The somewhat sudden death of Mr. Thomas Nichols, of Raunds Grange, which took place on Sunday night, created quite a sensation when it became known in the village on Monday morning. Deceased had been ailing and under medical treatment for some time, and in the harvest time went to Buxton for the benefit of his health. Since his return, although he had occasional relapses, his health on the whole appeared to improve, especially of late, when it was hoped he was making favourable progress towards recovery. On Sunday night he had his supper as usual, followed by a pipe, and then retired for the night. After being in bed some time, about eleven o'clock he complained of a peculiar pain and tingling sensation in his left arm, and almost immediately afterwards expired. Dr. McKenzie was immediately sent for and arrived at the Grange in about 20 minutes after, but only to find life extinct. Much regret is felt throughout the parish, and sympathy with the family in their bereavement.

Mr. Thomas Nichols, in January, 1889, contested the Raunds division of the County Council against his brother, Mr. John K. Nichols. The figures were:—

Nichols, John Knighton (L.)......... 525
Nichols, Thomas (C.).................. 224
Majority 301

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